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I am going to post a few new pieces of writing very soon!

Is it nonfiction? Is it a short story? A novel excerpt?!

You’ll find out very soon!

Random Blogs


Going out alone to recce the locations is kind of… liberating. It’s like I decide wherever the heck I want to go. I see an alley? 78 more words

Random Blogs

A Little Philosophy Never Hurt Anybody

Good morning everyone, I hope that you’re all doing well today and are enjoying what the day brings you. I, in fact, am just about to begin a morning yoga routine to start my day. 601 more words

Change & Motivation

Even Baloney's Better in Italy

Every time the family takes a trip to Italy, we look forward to eating mortedella.  Mortedella is an Italian cold cut, pork sausage with small cubs of pork fat, that has a gentle, bologna taste.   181 more words


A Very Scary Catacomb

The city of Palermo, located on the northwest coast of Sicily, has a long and fascinating history.  Originally an ancient Phoenician colony, it was later ruled by the city of… 368 more words


Ode to Vanilla

Summer has always been the season for ice cream.  And we’ve made a lot of progress on that front in recent years.  When you go to an ice cream store nowadays you can choose from a thousand flavors combining tastes you’ve never heard of.   243 more words


An Idea or Two

It was brought to my attention in several ways to change up my way to reach my audience, I’ll work on that.

Another thought is to work on a blog kind of giving details about living in Eastern/Central Europe. 26 more words

Random Blogs