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Wonderful people

Hey, it’s Lenn again,

I think the best way to meet wonderful people is to just talk. Express your ideas and talk about meaningful things to strangers. 170 more words

Random Blogs

What am I going to do?

Basically I’m going to do whatever I feel like you ask for on this blog, as well as a bit of what I want. If you ask me to write about something then I probably will as I’m not very good at thinking of my own ideas.


Why am I starting this blog?

Well I’m starting this for a number of different reasons, but lets start for the beginning…


First Blog

I got bored and I was told to I’ve decided to start a blog. It probably won’t be very interesting because I don’t really do much, but I will… 216 more words


Monthly Update

I have been terribly busy!

1) I have a venue that’s interested in hosting a poetry/story reading, just have to work out the details and I believe I’ll make it a monthly event. 108 more words

Random Blogs


I was surprised by my last post. I sort of forgotten that I wrote it.

The music video was out slightly more than a week ago. 935 more words

Random Blogs

'Weather' to be or not to be

Even though I’m new to this country, I had done my ample research about the weather in Australia. Being an international student, you have to realize that you no more can enjoy or be a part of the homely environment which you were accustomed to. 139 more words

Random Blogs