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So Funny!

Yeah,  I just have this little idea running around in my head that all the houses are little kids and they run around and cause trouble. Well, Slytherin does.

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Four years and it still stings

Four years ago today, I was on the phone with a friend coordinating outfits for an upcoming school trip. We were packing for the state basketball tournament that coming weekend and we wanted to make sure we looked good. 604 more words

Poor Loki

Let’s preface this with a little background information..
Loki is what I call my car. Loki is a 2001 Ford Escort ZX2. I’ve had Loki ever since my 17th birthday. 224 more words


Yes. Haterz with a ‘z’. Because I am that cool!
People in life will hate you, no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you just gave them a million dollars, they will hate you for not giving them two million. 200 more words