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She saw a man who caught her attention. A bag on his back, and a folded umbrella in his hands. Wearing blue, blonde hair.

As he went up the escalator – she was going towards the same direction. 169 more words

(happy) Late content

Sorry for being gone so long deer readers (imagine yourself being a deer)
So after some hardships and difficulties I have decided to return, for the time being. 133 more words

Random Encounters, 4-3

You find yourself tired and hungry after your encounter with the dogs and your ratios are gone. In the distance you hear the sound of running water. 362 more words


Chapter Six

This would be the guy that would possibly cause Jason to return to his ex. I had just left Jason’s house and was on my way home slowly – prepared to make up stories about cows, aliens, trains, and the jaws of life – as any excuse as to why I wasn’t home on time. 1,017 more words


Random Encounter, 3-26

Okay, i know i have been a little lax lately, mostly distracted with things like looking for work and working on outside. It is starting to green up a little, and in the green house things are looking good. 411 more words



Today’s Creature Feature comes from a truly disturbing set of Alphabet pictures I stumbled across. And since I started the Creature feature last week this inspired me for my posts now; and future creature features blogs. 296 more words

Tabletop Role-playing Game