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Loot Crate and ComiCon

I’ve had this post prepped for awhile but I was having issues uploading the photos! Finally got them up so I can finally publish the post! 494 more words

Figures, doors and passages - revisited. Or: Does your office allow for sociality?

This blog post was born out of serendipity. Which is only fitting, since it also covers the idea of serendipity. It all started with a typical day in my life as an academic: I did about ten different things at the same time and two of them suddenly created an unexpected connection in my mind; something I hadn’t thought of previously and got me really excited. 1,393 more words


What the heck is a Flumph ?

I had planed on doing a Frost Wyrm.. And then over the course of the week.. the Flumph happened.  And so here we are. And for many of you the first question is the same. 637 more words

Tabletop Role-playing Game