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The best conversations are those that nobody else understands

The realisation came to me one evening on the way to yoga. It’s abundantly clear how “set” I feel about my social life, seeing that most of whom I consider friends are people who have been in my life for at least the last 10 years. 44 more words

Random Musings

Fall in Love With...

I’d like to say Oh, hey motivational Monday, but since it’s Friday…yeah, about that. I either woke up in a better mood than usual or this venti quad (QUAD) iced caramel macchiato is starting to have it’s way with me. 189 more words


Mid-Week InstaLife!

Happy Wednesday, Friends! I’m starting a periodic new series today called Mid-Week InstaLife!

Several of you have emailed to ask that I mix in more real life pursuits in with all of the great edibles. 884 more words


A Case of the Mondays.

We’ve all heard it. Mondays suck. The weekend is over. Everyone’s suffering from a case of the Mondays. Well, I’m very pleased to rub it in everyone’s faces right now that, for me, a case of the Mondays is pretty much a case of awesome. 342 more words


Random Musings V : Blind Love


It was one of those hot and humid afternoons when the entire city seemed to have slowed down for a siesta. The summer heat seeps so deep into the skin that hours after the sun has set, I could still smell the sun on my clothes. 173 more words

Wow, I Wrote That?

There’s an interesting thing that happens when you transcribe a (very) rough draft onto your computer: two different sides of your writerly self seem to develop, the good and the bad. 502 more words


Random Musings IV

Lush green trees stand

On every side I see

Its leaves dancing to the

Tune of the wind

Nature. Beauty.  Peace.

A dark cloud appears… 42 more words

City Life