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Days Like These...

We all have days like these where it feels you can’t quite manage to get your head on straight no matter how many cups of coffee, no matter which room you work in, no matter how quiet it may be….until about an hour before you have to go and see tos ome other obligation. 352 more words

Random Musings

A Pill Too Bitter To Swallow

So many people have it wrong. They think to excel, to be good, it means you have to be better than someone else. Somebody has to be bad/awful for you to appear you are good at what you do. 269 more words

Random Musings

Originality Be Not Thy Name

My funny bone is sprained but not broken. However, as my bipolar cycles into seasonal depression, I find myself not feeling whimsical or even amusingly random. 1,223 more words


Following, following, following..

But I wonder where were you?
When I was at my worst
Down on my knees
And you said you had my back
So I wonder where were you? 45 more words

Random Musings

Three Day Weekend, Starting Monday.

Last week was an interesting one. Due to a variety of events, I wound up putting in more than thirty hours at my part-time job. Due to the variety of events still leaving some residual problems, I’m finding myself with about twice as many hours as I would like for my “part-time” job. 330 more words


random supermarket musings...

Dear Lady-at-the-supermarket-who-I-kept-running-into-in-each-aisle-because-we-started-shopping-at-the-same-time-and-I-then-felt-the-need-to-awkwardly-smile-at-whilst-making-a-bizarre-whistling-exhalation-sound,

Thanks for letting me through in aisle 4, ditto for┬ápassing me the Soft Taco Kit when I couldn’t reach it because of that little old lady bending over to read the label on the Dutch biscuits. 47 more words

Random Musings

Give me a Break!

Yesterday, I did what I know all people must do but, somehow, can rarely bring myself to actually do it: I took a break from writing. 420 more words