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Babble babble bitch

If having sex on an airplane puts you in the mile high club, does having sex on a subway put you in the six foot under club? 1,665 more words

Random Musings

Quick update: I'm alive!!

Wow 3 months of no anything! I really can not make a career out of blogging even if my life depended on it.

Anyway, I meant to make a post on our recent Cebu Trip (so much fun!!) but as far as when that will ever happen, let’s see. 88 more words


665 Neighbor of The Beast

Ya know…
how they say you can’t have good without the bad?
Kind of how I see myself. Others are confused by my mix of sweet and evil. 835 more words

Random Musings

The Constant Thing...Change

So a month ago I did something.
It wasn’t a bad thing but it was a thing that in retrospect doesn’t really seem like such a smart thing to have done. 255 more words

Random Musings

Okay, Life. That's enough.

You know what would be really nice? If the world could just stop when we’re about to put a new book out, so that we can get everything done nice and neat and on schedule. 407 more words


Embrace Your Emotions

Stop being so scared of your own feelings. What you feel makes you who you are, and that is what makes you beautiful.

Don’t be ashamed of how deep your love is, how saddened your soul is, how angry or terrified your heart is. 145 more words

Random Musings

Just Girly Things

So, you scrolled through all 48 of those pictures and made it here, to the text; the explanatory part of the blog post where you are supposed to learn further insights, and what have you. 237 more words