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NaMoWriMo Maybe

Hmm…I’ve been thinking. Perhaps I’ll do NaMoWriMo this year. Isn’t there a summer camp edition? A work colleague and I were talking about that today in the breakroom. 97 more words


Kingdom of Ugly Ties

Sad but true…

I ran out of true crime and vampire/supernatural shows to watch.
So I gave The Good Wife a whirl, fully expecting to be repulsed. 1,356 more words

Random Musings

My Hate Post

The internets have succumbed to a certain trend for as long as I can remember. The “I hate…” trend. You know, stuff like I hate that youtuber: he talks too much or I hate that celebrity: she’s fat or I hate jumbo shrimp: they take longer to eat. 459 more words


Def Leppard and Blind Reindeer

On, no, she didn’t…

Yep. Back on my Supernatural kick.
Dean and Sam went into the wacko basket (PUDDING!) for a case and Dean’s therapist hit on his hot topics…And he says, “I just got THRAPED.” 1,694 more words

Random Musings

Bathtub For Cats

Bad Mommy…

My kid can’t work her Flutterby right and I made the mistake of using an internet meme-ism ONCE…Now she keeps saying, “Go home, you’re drunk.” 1,836 more words

Random Musings

Winner Winner Salmonella Chicken Dinner

The midwest is cold…

Yeah, when eskimos come to your town to vacation and it’s so cold, they run back to Alaska…
Lie Detector Tests… 1,291 more words

Random Musings

Go Ducks!!!

The Green is everywhere here in Portland, Oregon. And I’m not talking about grassy green or plant life green.

The University of Oregon Ducks play in the NCAA Division 1 College Football National Championship tonight. 408 more words

Random Musings