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A New Dimension

So my life has gradually been moving into a new phase:
A new haircut; A new location for the next year of my life.
A lot is changing. 316 more words

Random Musings

Random Drunken Rants in London

Hi! I’m having dinner and wine alone at some place called The Mockingbird near our apartment in London.

How has London been so far? The weather is as horrible as I have ever read about or heard about. 248 more words

Random Musings

Cut My Life Into Pizzas

That made me laugh, a lot. I think someone’s a Papa Roach fan. Good taste.
How did women’s high heel shoes come to be called “pumps”? 1,419 more words

Random Musings

Today is NOT Saturday.

With fair warning, the following post can be catergorized as “Random Late Night Ramblings.” It’s probably best left collecting dust in my drafts folder on WordPress, but I’m posting it anyway. 290 more words

Random Musings

The second wind.

Parents of small children everywhere I’m sure are familiar with the concept of the second wind.

In order to fully comprehend the concept of the second wind it’s important I think, to set a bit of context around the ‘first wind’ i.e. 683 more words

Random Musings

Views From An Airplane Window

Hi! So, in my short time at my current job, I have been rewarded with many beautiful views from the airplane window. I have seen many sunrises and sunsets, lightning flashes, the Milky Way from the cockpit’s windows, stretches of mountains in Alaska and auroras, sometimes green, sometimes milky white. 256 more words

Random Musings

From Pantser to Plotter.

While I’m no stranger to sitting down and actually plotting out a book, my most recent efforts have been almost entirety of the pantsing variety. For those less familiar with the nomenclature, plotting is when you sit down and figure out your story from point A to point B before writing it, while pantsing is sort of making it up as you go along, “by the seat of your pants,” as it were. 329 more words