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Vampires and zombies, Oh My

I thought…

Becca gay’d up my car by putting tinsel on the hood ornament.
Saw someone driving around with reindeer ears on their car today. 1,952 more words

Random Musings

The Most Romantic Thing In The World

There was this old Caucasian couple sitting across each other at the aisle and the husband was showing his kindle to his wife as I was walking past. 59 more words

Random Musings

Don't Give Marlia Sugar

Because this is what happens:

Sarah: How were your guys’ finals?!

Me: So easy that I got bored halfway through and just guessed on most of them. 895 more words


A musing on newsing...

Not unlike everybody else, I woke this morning to hear the latest updates on the hostage situation in Sydney. I was shocked and horrified, and the human nature that exists in all of us had me seeking more information. 542 more words

Random Musings

Tupperware Party Massacre


Duck Dynasty bearded Chia pets.
Is there nothing from my childhood they won’t bastardize?
Sweetest thing ever…

There was some redneck show on at the shop. 1,017 more words

Random Musings

Is Everything Ok?

My mom sent me this Facebook message yesterday: “You haven’t posted a blog lately. Is everything ok?”

First off, how cool is it that my parents know how to send Facebook messages?! 214 more words


Rantzilla Rises Again

FYI wordpress…

I loathe the “upgrades”. I don’t want to see my stats. I don’t need to know if my topics are getting more views. It’s not a popularity contest. 1,594 more words

Random Musings