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random supermarket musings...

Dear Lady-at-the-supermarket-who-I-kept-running-into-in-each-aisle-because-we-started-shopping-at-the-same-time-and-I-then-felt-the-need-to-awkwardly-smile-at-whilst-making-a-bizarre-whistling-exhalation-sound,

Thanks for letting me through in aisle 4, ditto for┬ápassing me the Soft Taco Kit when I couldn’t reach it because of that little old lady bending over to read the label on the Dutch biscuits. 47 more words

Random Musings

Give me a Break!

Yesterday, I did what I know all people must do but, somehow, can rarely bring myself to actually do it: I took a break from writing. 420 more words


Social Anxiety and the Post Office.

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day for a lot of reasons…day off, walk in the park and a visit to the library in my new town with my guy, a pretty solid scope of work finished, and some delicious food…but the biggest thing about yesterday was that I finally went to the post office to get some of my books mailed out. 310 more words

Random Musings

Working hard...or hardly working?

Hello. My name is Laura, and I have a work problem.

Let me explain further. You see, a comment from P.S. Hoffman on my RoW80 Update… 416 more words


Avenger Titan X-League Actunite!!

Yesterday, I couldn’t think of a post. So, I figured a good thing to put up today since I still can’t really think of a post today, I thought I’d open it up to discussion with a question that I saw on a questionnaire recently, especially since I really liked the last time I just asked a question and let people go at it. 550 more words

Random Musings

A Morbid Post

I just finished John Green’s Looking For Alaska. It is so good. The Fault in Our Stars was a sad read, but this wasn’t exactly. By now, I have already read three of his four books and I think I love this most. 553 more words

Random Musings

Big Fish, Little Fish.

So, I came across this article from Levo (and I love the title they gave it in the coding; very clever!), a brief discussion on whether it may be better to be a big fish in a little pond or a small fish in a big pond. 369 more words