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Seventeen Forever

I had my midlife crisis when I was eight. But then again, I was always a bit precocious so this won’t come as a big surprise to most people. 593 more words


On Graphic Design

Having just accepted a graphic design position (hooray!), I have been given the opportunity to immerse myself in that type of work in a way that could never happen while I was working odd freelance jobs here and there. 218 more words

Random Musings

It Wouldn't Be an Adventure without a Bit of Insanity

To survive with any kind of sanity intact when living overseas, it is best to learn right away that you can’t stop the craziness from happening, so flexibility and an ability to laugh at the situation, solve it and move on are necessities. 1,313 more words

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Life crazier than fiction or my epic quest to get a Green Card – Part 1

I had a bad allergic reaction to a spider bite (my foot swell up to double its normal size), and I’m pumped full of corticosteroids and antihistamine pills which make me so loopy I have the attention span of a gnat. 1,112 more words

Random Musings

It's a good thing perfection isn't required!

Well, I guess that’s only true if I say it is, but goshdarnit, I do!

Lunch today is 3 slices of Olympic Provisions Mortadella (yes, it has dextrose… don’t judge me), sliced havarti cheese, and half an avocado. 717 more words

Random Musings