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Flash Foward.

No. I will not do this anymore.

To continue wishing to be characterless would be sacrilege to the greatness of Robert Downey Jr. and Matthew Perry and the late Dorothy Parker. 385 more words

Random Musings

Drop the BS, What Do You Want?

UPDATE: Yep. I was right. He’s sucking up to me to get me to sign a change to the temporary orders. Probably thought I’d get mad…I’ve been wanting this change for almost a YEAR! 122 more words

Babydaddy Drama


It knows your darkest secrets,
your deepest desires..
And why wouldn’t it..
It’s who you turn to,
when no one else would listen,
no one else would care.. 73 more words

Random Musings

Moving On

I recently made the decision to quit my job.

I work as an Image consultant doubling as a PR and Marketing assistant, (who does all the work) and as glamorous as it sounds, safe for working with a few celebs, it’s really not that mind blowing… For me. 362 more words

1000 Mile Challenge - Week 21

I’m away for a couple of days next week so thought I’d post what I managed for week 21;

miles completed  = 32.80

miles to go          =  … 25 more words

Random Musings

Culture, Creativity, and Copyright

The law of copyright is a modern innovation. Copyright protection was developed for an important reason — to enable creative people to earn a living by doing creative work. 617 more words


Cleanse your aura

Back to Life

After an especially long and exhausting drive or flight, a grueling week at work, or a mind-numbing exam period — what’s the one thing you do to feel human again? 277 more words

Random Musings