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Balea 101 - An Introduction To Balea

Ola!!  I hope you’ve been having a fantastic start to the week. It’s been a gorgeous week thus far for me and for good reason too. 328 more words

Random Musings

Run with a view


On occasion I still get the question: why do you live there? Of the many reasons to be in Los Angeles, the image above is an important one. 77 more words


Morrissey, Me, Cicadas Make Three

Morrissey, Me, Cicadas Make Three

blue plastic lawn chair,
wobbly, flimsy, a cradle of niceness,
when all the world is crumbling behind me,
this fancy… 181 more words

Random Musings

Open Letter to Hollywood:

Dearest Hollywood,

If you were sitting down for an interview, on solid level ground that is not moving, and you were to be not moving for the entirety of the interview, and the camera person was to be not moving for the entirety of the interview, and whoever is filming this interview showed up with no steady-cam or tripod… you would backhand that person across the face while yelling “Where is the tripod you fool?!”, wouldn’t you? 643 more words

As Above So Below

Stuck in Traffic

Last week I had an opportunity to attend a 2 Day workshop for work on Recruiting techniques.  It was a fantastic class, and I learned a lot.  391 more words


Can quick answers be evidence informed?

As a clinician or user of health services, you notice (sooner or later :)) that there are lots of uncertainties on the effectiveness of different interventions that you use or prescribe daily. 910 more words

Evidence Based Practice

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