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Unhappy (Part Six)

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“Do you mind? This is a private conversation.” Sarah wondered how long the woman had stood there, and what she was doing in an area that was obviously closed to the public. 711 more words


Unhappy (Part Five)

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The last thing Sophie had expected when she began digging in that garbage can was to be knocked senseless by a falling tree branch She had only meant it to be a quick stopover to get at some leftover bacon, but now she was trapped in these people’s garage. 1,025 more words


A Brief History Lesson from my Roommate: Unifying the United Kingdom

Are you interested in learning more about the history of the United Kingdom? Look no further! My roommate and academic historian, McCoag, knows all there is to know about it’s history. 209 more words



You get a whale and you get a whale and you get a whale! EVERYBODY GETS A WHALE!

Okay, that’s just me exaggerating. I don’t sweat out twenty dollar bills like Oprah Winfrey. 232 more words

Random Nonsense

Unhappy (Part Four)

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Penelope (continued)

It took only a few minutes to unload the entire truck. When she was done, Sarah walked towards the small ranch house in the middle of the yard, and Penelope followed. 1,070 more words