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Well it was going to happen sooner or later. I even mentioned it before. Pancakes.
I think pancakes are one of the most amazing creations of man (the most amazing being the Internet.) After all, who cannot love the fluffy, warm goodness that is the pancake. 217 more words

Random Nonsense

The Second Interview

I recently had a second interview with a small company that does industrial repair as a Systems Administrator. To be honest I just threw my resume at it to see what would happen and they happened to call me for an interview before I left earlier last month for Costa Rica. 1,155 more words

Information Technology

What Part of No Do You Not Understand

The whole thing actually,

That’s why I enjoy sales. It’s also why friends and family sometimes get annoyed when I treat life like it’s one giant business transaction. 166 more words


Social Networking Auto-Sync Test

For a little while now, thanks to some weird set-up in my synced apps, I’ve found that posting something from WordPress to Facebook and Twitter results in no less than three Twitter posts for the same “article” (one from WordPress and one each from my FaceBook profile and page), and two on, usually, the FaceBook page (one from WordPress and one from Twitter). 560 more words


A litany for workers

Litany for work life;

People of God, as we bring our petitions before God, let us pray with faith, hope and love to our creator and sustainer remembering all those whom we love, ourselves and our own lives and even those whom we may never meet. 319 more words



After all these years I can’t believe I never noticed! The snake Harry set free in the first book was Nagini!

That ungrateful snake.

Random Nonsense

Whiskey Before Breakfast

A domain controller ate the dust from a bad AC unit, Windows Backup Restore is a joke, Symantec Backupexec is a Joke, Sharp Print Drivers are broken. 9 more words

Random Nonsense