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Dear Singles..

You know what messes us up the most?… thinking that everyone we meet is a potential partner.  That is so stressful! Plus, the reality is, not everyone is interested in you. 254 more words

Random Notes


You can’t tell a person that’s been through hell to forget the pain (that’s something they have to do on their own). However, you can help them create new memories. 52 more words

Random Notes

"Another Saturday Night"

Sam Cooke - Another Saturday Night


Rounds <3

Despite what you heard, women are not born to hate men.

Unfortunately, we treat relationships like a game and she just wants to win.

Society tells us to love your man and treat him like a king… 192 more words

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Setiap orang butuh pulang. Setiap orang butuh kembali ke sebuah tempat dari mana ia berasal. Pulang di awali oleh sebuah perjalanan. Seseorang akan melalui perjalanan panjang, sampai dia berada pada sebuah titik: hendak meneruskan perjalanannya atau kembali. 178 more words

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The so called negative words have something fascinating with them like death and chaos. Against all the world’s arguments, these words has ultimate beauty. Like where death is most complete and pure incident, chaos somehow denotes the best situation for the new beginning. 204 more words


Holiday in Matahari Park

3 hours 30 minutes riding motorcycle is very unhealthy for butt.

But the scenery makes me forget all pain.

After park the motorcycle and buy tickets, we searching best spot for breakfast. 569 more words

Random Notes