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Uniform random points in disk, annulus (ring), cylinder, and sphere

Suppose we have , , and as uniform random from 0 to 1. Here’s how we make uniform random points in several cases in corresponds coordinate system. 363 more words


Roll your own Bitcoin client? Prepare to be raided

By Darren Pauli

The engineer behind the Heartbleed checker has created a tool to hunt down wallets from poorly secured transactions that leak private keys. 346 more words

Wallet Provider

How To Build A Better Bitcoin Wallet: Security Researcher Filippo Valsorda Calls For Developers To Use Safer ECDSA Operations

By Cammy Harbison

One of the biggest fears of Bitcoin users is that one day they will wake up and find their virtual currency wallet emptied, signaling that someone, somehow, has managed to uncover the user’s private key. 1,192 more words


Generate a random password using PHP

In order to generate a random password, First you need to specify the combinations of it. Like characters and numbers or some may prefer even special characters in the password. 89 more words