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I love...

I love the sun.
I love the tropical rain.
I love the people smiling.
I love the Philippines. :)

Good to be back.

Random Posts

Stitch It All Together

When I wrote my first novel, I outlined it, and then, I sat down over the course of six months and wrote it sequentially from beginning to end. 542 more words


It's My Birthday!

So now I am officially 21! I don’t feel much different but 21 is quite a scary age to be. It is the time to evaluate my life and decide what path I want to take. 66 more words

Random Posts

My Favorite Books As A Kid

Randomly, I was thinking about the books I used to read as a kid.  I was always reading and got really excited about those Scholastic book order forms we got every year.   160 more words


Wake up call

This morning I had a lot of laundry to do; which means trips back and forth to the laundry mat because my dryer belt is done. 304 more words


That moment....

That moment, when you fall in front of a bus and everyone in the bus sees you fall. And then your knee bleeds. Ouch. And then you get a tissue to try to stop the blood, but your sisters freak out after looking at the tissue paper with blood. 21 more words

Random Posts


So, since I finally posted the last pages of Such a Small Thing, I need a new story to work on, right?


Right. 219 more words

Random Posts