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I cannot believe I never mentioned this!

So another reason people probably didn’t like me much was…
See, I always carried around fine glitter with me, so every time someone was being bitchy I would throw some at them. 52 more words

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I'm renewed I'm not the same

Sam Ock’s “Here I Go”

My brother’s been playing this on repeat and it’s just so good :)

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Random #04 Setelah hasil SBM menghantui....

Tanggal 16 Juli kemarin emang tanggal sakral sih. Pengumuman SBMPTN dan gw deg-degan super nunggu hasilnya. Alhamdulillah.. gw keterima.. dimana?

Di Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia kelas reguler. 452 more words

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I've decided to name my character.

I’ve decided to name her Todd.
Because I like it, and I think it suits her.

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The man to go bonkers for..

Today was one of those days where everything’s going on fine. I woke up, studied a little, took a little break and logged into my facebook, which is when ‘it’ happened. 574 more words

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A drawing and an eye.

Drawing first.

The story behind this picture is that it randomly popped into my head last night.. The girl is real, but the other person is not. 83 more words

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