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These are some things, you know.

When you’re on a cliff on on top of a really high building for whatever reason and you get this sudden urge to just throw yourself off, it’s the call of the abyss. 431 more words

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3 Days for The Cure

This year Susan & Katherine both walked. Go team!

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I want to sigh before I sleep

I know: tomorrow will be tough.

(And I lost my netbook foam case.)

Good night everyone…


Grant Wilson Guest Stars on Ghost Hunters

Grant will guest star on a special two hour episode of Ghost Hunters next Wednesday night. If you forget to watch, he will send the ghost of Robin Williams to haunt your house.

Random Posts

Attachment to My Own Characters

This makes sense.

I created them, named them, gave them a personality.

I, honestly, get really attached to my own characters.

It’s really amazing, actually, because I like to occasionally talk to them (to everyone else it looks like I’m talking to air) and ask them questions and such. 588 more words

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