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A thought on Potter

A random thought occurred to me today, so I ask for your patience whilst I ramble a little about it. Of all the magic and spells and fantastic solutions to every day problems contained in Harry Potter, there is none I wish to be real more fervently than the Murtlap Essence that makes an appearance in Book 5. 245 more words



I’m still at work, and I think I’m getting evil looks from people passing by. Although I’m far from the boss’ table, my cubicle is horribly adjacent to the break room, which can get crowded at times. 327 more words

Honest To Goodness

Change of a dress...

I’ve been feeling a lot of shifts and turns lately… not only in my writing but also in my life in general and things that are further afield… 82 more words


Until I’m Made of Stone

They say our heart is where we harbor love. Many would argue that it’s the very place where love exists in all its glory. Perhaps there was a time when this wasn’t such a silly notion to me. 281 more words



Ooooh, first post. In this blog anyway. I have created countless blogs since I was 15, and I haven’t kept one longer than two years. I started this in the hope that I get to keep this as long as I can and as much as I can, since I don’t have a target audience this time… 282 more words

Honest To Goodness

A letter to our dog.

Dear HM,

You’re a cute little doggie-foo, so I don’t think you’ll ever understand any of this. But I’m writing this anyway, and this is for you. 644 more words

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