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So there's that...

So I’m not dying.

Well, not right this second anyway. My hospital appointment didn’t turn up anything suspicious, so apart from being the most humiliating and painful experience of my life, everything is good. 179 more words

Random Ramblings

The mind of a mystery or suspense writer

A friend recently shared an image on Facebook that made me laugh. It was a picture of a not-quite-closed door with a caption that was something to the effect of how a normal person would see that and just think, “Oh, the door to the garage didn’t get closed all the way” and a writer thinks, “Oh, no! 383 more words


What makes a slutty wine?

So the idea of slutty vs. non-slutty wines came up at a pre-Christmas “family” dinner with some of my best friends…but first I feel like I need to provide a bit of backstory. 700 more words

Random Ramblings

Highs and Lows

Two things that one should never lower:

Two things that one should never increase/cultivate:



Pressing Words, a.k.a. Wordpressing

A friend once told me that if you go a night without a sufficient amount of sleep, it takes 3x as long to catch up on it. 452 more words


Raising Responsible Boys

‘Girls can’t fight.’

That was before I defeated the two of them in the Nerf gun face-off.

Not only did they end up miserably defeated but I managed to confiscate their arms too. 1,720 more words


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Tattoos And Needles

People always find it strange that a have tattoos but have an exponential fear of needles.

Having a tattoo is a world away from getting a injection or a piercing. 511 more words

Random Ramblings