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Modern Day Mantra

Mantra is a funny word, to some it conjures up the wizened gurus of old, to others it’s hippies who have just come back from another juicefast and yoga retreat in the Hamptons. 234 more words


The Ship

It’s not very often that a book gets me looking at oranges in a new way.

Well, oranges and apples, and computers, and society… and the British Museum. 648 more words

Random Ramblings

2015 Goals Update

Looking over my New Years goals once a month to see if I am sticking to them or not is the best way TO stick to them (or so I have read). 513 more words

Life Lessons

My Challenge To Myself

Yes, I usually use this picture for my DreamWard Bound posts, but I felt it fits this post. I have a challenge that I challenged myself to and I accepted that challenge. 354 more words


Hong Kong Trip (Departure: Day 1)

28th January, 2015. 8:56am

Here I am, sitting at out gate, waiting to be boarded. Everything went okay, except for Immigration, which took a bit longer because the line was kinda long. 951 more words

Random Ramblings

Ginger Root, Lemon, Honey Tea... when kids get sick

When your kids get sick it’s hard for any parent. Especially when that sickness comes with a cough and your little one isn’t old enough to have cough syurp. 450 more words

Healthy Habits

njsullivan reblogged this on seriouslysingleabsolutelyattached and commented:

it's that time of year again where we get sick.. and this tea helps relieve symptoms and kill those germs.

10 Things I Love Beginning With The Letter E

Remember when I started that blog series about an alphabetical range of things I love?  Way back ages ago.  I’ve finally managed to write some more. 212 more words

Random Ramblings