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A Crack on the Back Says We're Gonna Fight

Here’s a fun little fact – I’ve never seen any of the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings cartoons. I know that I should remedy this, and maybe someday I will. 11 more words


Kill the Orcs, Slay the Orcs, Destroy the Orcs

Since it’s Orc Week, I thought I’d throw in a couple of extra posts. I’m sure some of you have seen this before, but the band 3 Inches of Blood have a song called ‘Destroy the Orcs.’ Enjoy! 101 more words


Welcome to Orc Week!

I’m going to kick off Orc Week a day early to give a sort of introduction for what’s to come. Mostly, I’d like to take a look at when and how Tolkien first wrote about the Orcs, how they changed through the decades, and what they mean to us. 136 more words


Some Toast for Tolkien's Birthday

According to some tradition or another, we’re supposed to toast Professor Tolkien at 9pm on January 3rd, his birthday.

Instead, at 9am, I made a bit of peanut butter toast and a passion fruit & pomegranate Italian soda (teetotaler that I am), toasting in two different and practical ways our most esteemed professor, J.R.R. 27 more words


Poor timing!

So because I have rotten timing when I started this,I figure I should give a heads up. This weekend I won’t have much time to really fill out the site just yet and normally I’m gonna try for posting on Tuesdays if I can, either way, right now I’m planning on just one a week. 13 more words

Random Randomness

Welcome to my Second Life

I’ve spent a lot of time in Second Life, about six years give or take, but I decided it was finally time to leave, the magic had worn off…yeah right, that didn’t last long at all. 153 more words

Random Randomness