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Ignorance vs Arrogance: Rant

I’ll apologize ahead of time, this is probably going to be an aggravated rant post. For the past few days I’ve been at work, I work in a concession stand– because I’m too young to get a real job, people have been ordering these huge orders and then give us a card to pay for it all. 755 more words

Random Rants

Get in the Brain Game by Michele Muth

If you are like me and you are having trouble remembering things like the name of the actor from that movie…oh, you know the one! It’ll come to me.. 327 more words

Random Rants

Where does time go?

Why is it that as we get older time is either at a snails pace or a lighting flash? I need a few more hours in a day to complete everything, if you have any hours to spare, I’ll happily take them (at no detriment to you of course!). 39 more words

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Why I changed my views on homosexuality

Why would anyone care about how I changed my views about homosexuality and what brought about that change? One would not – unless of course one would like to see how I caved into the traps of liberalism, or sold my soul to western values sacrificing traditional ones, or perhaps just curious about how the transformation happened. 1,677 more words

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#63 Inadequacy

And inadequacy is a maggot, eating through your heart and feelings and everything that lives inside of you. It creeps in slowly, nibbling at the edges of your insecurity and self-esteem. 184 more words

Random Rants

Oh, To Post or Not To Post?

This morning, I read a post on a WP blog disparaging the way some bloggers seem to find it necessary to constantly make critical comments on what we write and post.  277 more words

Random Rants

Natural hair as a lifestyle

I started my natural hair group—Nappy Roots Edmonton—about four months ago. The idea raised a few eyebrows when I first told my friends and family. And I think the hair group will always make some people ask ‘why?’ or ‘who cares?’, at least that’s the impression I get from people even if they don’t say it. 457 more words

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