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That Really Chaps My Behind

Don’t you absolutely hate when strangers get all up in your business in the name of moral vanity?  Remember when Nanny Bloomberg decided that large soft drinks are bad for us, so he got legislation passed prohibiting their sale in New York City?  535 more words


Life Sucks.

How often have you just sat back and realized “Wow, life sucks” …? For me, it’s been like this a lot recently.

First off, I haven’t been doing too good in school. 301 more words

Random Rants

Mighty Nature

It seems to me that there is nothing more helpless a situation for mankind than battling against nature.
There have been floods in Andhra Pradesh lately and there was a lot of disaster because of Hud-hud cyclone. 176 more words

My Musings

Hello?! I'm speaking.

I think it’s so rude when you are talking to a person or a group and they don’t even listen to you. Like, hello, can you get your head out of your ass- it’s not a hat. 263 more words

Random Rants

Solutions for Correcting Blurs.

This afternoon on my journey home, I thought about how far I have come in the last two years and I realised; I actually haven’t come far at all. 661 more words

Random Rants

I Killed it...Don't Worry! I Have a License!

I already made my opinion on big game hunting pretty clear.

However, my eyes accidentally scanned a news article. The picture in the article displays a young badass with a rifle, kneeling next to an extremely dangerous albino deer. 377 more words


Coming Back to the USA - Reverse Culture Shock

This isn’t a book review. This is just me, bitching about Americaland. After being away for nearly two years (and not properly living here for much longer) I’ve come back and moved, of course, to Portland, Oregon. 583 more words