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Calories in versus calories out...it's not really THAT simple--for us women at least.

I’m not going to go really in depth with this post but as I have faced situational changes in a recent move with schedule changes, job changes, financial changes and tons of other changes… I decided to get things sorted out and didn’t eat regimented meals, allowed for cookie-indulgences and just made sure I was active a few times a week while I sorted things out with my life and my mental health struggles (which I will open up about more in future posts.) 1,151 more words


Random Rants: Baby Time!

Or What I Learned While Watching My Goddaughter.

This week was spring break.  The mother of my goddaughter, S, works these insane hours as an EMT basic.   1,965 more words


Hercules in Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus (Spoilers from The Titan's Curse)

Okay, let’s just start by saying I love Rick Riordan’s writing. A friend of mine recommended Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief to me last summer, and immediately, I was hooked. 347 more words

Percy Jackson

No! I Don't Know How To Gut a Robin!

Attention: I’m about to make a disturbing announcement.

Lately I have noticed a rather…grotesque search trend that is apparently luring cold-hearted bastards straight to my website-blog-thing. 160 more words


12 Things Only A Brother With Elder Sister Will Have To Face!

Hi Folks, If you have are a guy with an elder sister(s) then you can very well correlate with these… Read on! 221 more words
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Envylope Update is on its way... Here's a Sneak Peak!

I’ve been so excited while working on Envylope App‘s Update.  The best new aesthetic feature really has to be the ability to select your own theme.   42 more words

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Societal Statuses: Being Single

Societal Statuses: Being Single

Societal statuses have great meaning for some people. Some people allow names and labels to dictate their meaning in life. As if the way of the world revolves around these titles. 638 more words

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