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In Another Universe

I currently work for a large pet store. Most of them are all the same. I have worked for two of the largest pet stores in the USA and they were almost exactly the same when it came to pet care. 82 more words


Blasted Fladderapt

I’ve spent endless hours and countless days researching the publishing industry, and I must say, I’m at the end of my proverbial rope (relax, we all have one). 529 more words

Random Rants

Go Like Yourself

Sometimes I think I’m doing this for all the wrong reasons. I can’t honestly say that I love to write, in fact, sometimes I hate it. 312 more words

Random Rants

Oh, Bonnie Scotland - Don't Go!

I very seldom agree with anything David Cameron says – but I did agree with his impassioned ‘heart and soul’ plea yesterday for Scottish voters to stay in the union. 375 more words

Random Rants

It's me!!

Imagine that one quiet girl in your class in grade school. She seems intelligent but her personality I little different. Yep, that was me. I’ve always been sorta creative, and I’ve always had a knack for creative writing. 298 more words

Random Rants

Interface as a Conveying of Societies' Ideals- Critical Digital Literacy Class

“The way we choose to organize our space says an enormous amount about the society we live in — perhaps more than any other component of our cultural habits (Johnson).” It is interesting that Johnson creates a connection between the appearance or functions of an interface to the ideals or needs of society. 408 more words

Random Rants

Extremely Easy Baked Banana & Nutella

As you get busier you tend to cut some corners where food is concerned.  This is especially true when snacking.  So to make sure I don’t jump on the full-fatty-wagon,  I keep nuts and seeds nearby my computer.   158 more words

Random Rants