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Feel like snacking...

So despite every thing that has been going on in and around my life, I wanted to spend some time with my babies. What better way to spend time together, on a budget at that? 379 more words

Random Rants

Mondays Suck!

I woke up this morning all gung-ho for a new week.  I made my meal plan for the week last night, I had a shopping list ready to go to pick up on my way home tonight, my laundry was under control… things were looking good. 230 more words

Random Rants

Soapbox: Five major big screen changes to superhero lore everyone seems cool with

Whenever a book, play or even theme park attraction is adapted into a film, there are invariably changes made to the source material. It’s a natural part of making something that works in one medium work in another, and nowhere is it more prevalent than when comic books are brought to life on the big screen. 2,202 more words


5 signs your transition to natural hair is going well

Congrats, you’re on your way to a more holistic approach to hair health! The journey might be a little bumpy at first, but things will get better over time, especially once you’ve fully transitioned to natural hair and you’ve created and mastered regular routines that work for you and discovered healthy natural hair products you can even make yourself (KA CHING! 769 more words

Random Rants

Where is the remote?

Often times I wonder where the heck is my pause button? Stop button? Redo? Rewind? And sadly even the fast-forward button would come in handy? 768 more words

Random Rants

Random Rant: Bank Fees

I hate paying bank fees. I understand that banks need to make money, and I have benefited through investments when certain banks to make money, but do they really have to charge me for storing my money in their institution? 465 more words

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It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses Their Kid

So life on the beach isn’t always rainbows and unicorns – ok so most of the time it is – until you get a new neighbor. 151 more words

Random Rants