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Fresh Raspberry Lemonade

Hello everyone!  I was feeling nostalgic a few days ago.  Dreaming about my trip to Prague…

In Prague, I had the most amazing drink to quench my thirst on a hot, scorching day.   186 more words

Random Rants

The Beast Attitude

Have you ever felt the yearn for something that you tried to get, but, it is simply out of your reach? Although there is absolutely no chance that you can get it, you still keep wishing for it? 129 more words

My Musings

Dear Negative Nancy,

I am sorry you are so unhappy with yourself you have to degrade others. I hope you find your happiness, and not at the expense of others. 172 more words

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Daddy Issues.......

Hey guys! Remember me? Lol, yea, I forgot this thing existed too. It’s been a loooooooooooooong time. Anyway I’m back, for a limited time, catch me while you can lol. 1,800 more words

My Experience

Pink Is Like Red But Not Quite

Today is a blah kind of day. I’m having a hard time separating my feelings from each other as they overlap in and out. Today is my last day of group therapy at the program and I’m having mixed feelings about leaving or staying. 222 more words

Random Rants

When Humanity Fails

I will not pretend to understand the roots of the conflict in Israel and Palestine.  I know it is primarily tribal, as most of the Middle East is based on tribal beliefs.  366 more words

Random Rants

Purple Pimp

I’ve not written a tube post for a while. But I just had to share the wonderful and irritating things that take place on le London Underground… 252 more words

Random Rants