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Happy Birthday, Willie!

This is my creativity professor, Willie Baronet. Every day for attendance, he has us listen to a song for about 3 minutes while we do a random activity, then we email or hand in whatever he had us do and his TA records that we were in class. 23 more words


Procrastination level: Blog at work. Cause FUCK ALL!

I used to hate those days when I used to just stay back at home and sleep my ass off, dreaming about all those amazing things that I could be doing outside being a social magnet, interacting with lots and lots of new people and making new friends and having fun and that sort of thing. 605 more words

Random Shit!

Sex therapy: Stop trying to be 'normal'

Three experts talk about how sexual expectations are changing and the issues they are asked to address

Dr Meg Barker, sex and relationship therapist and author of Rewriting the Rules…

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One of the greatest quotes I've ever come across was from Morticia Addams in the Addams Family movie, where she states, "Normal is an illusion.. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly." Now it seems at least a few sex therapists are finally starting to agree.

Can I Talk My Shit Again??

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

I sit here amazed about how I have not blogged on here in so long. Almost like the toy you wanted so bad as a kid, only to drop it after a few games. 203 more words

Random Shit

Is Horse Face Fucking Thunder Bear?

Two Nike Athletes, One Bitter Girl

In more celeb-athlete hook up news, rumors are circling that Rory’s ex-fiance, Caroline Wozniacki, might be hooking up with Euro golfer Thorbjiorn Olesen. 210 more words


Kitchen Confessions

Good morning, Brie. It’s Friday.

I’ve never lived anywhere for nine years. The closest would be the seven years from ages 12 to 19 at my parents’ current home up island, before I departed to university, then Europe. 385 more words

Real Life

I'm an Idiot.

So we’ve all had those moments where we do or say something completely idiotic, and then you’re like “WTF, me?”  but you don’t answer yourself because that would be… 361 more words

I'm An Idiot.