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Fright Night: My Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies

For some reason we all love a good scare, after watching AMC’s #FearFest I’ve decided to list my top 10 all time favorites!

1.) Stephen King’s It… 62 more words

Random Shit

The plot thickens...

I got another text message twenty minutes ago from “no number.” It said, “I texted.” THERE’S a personalized message, folks.

But seriously.

Who is this person and why do they have my number, and why are they so paranoid and weird that they hide their cell number from a person they’re texting? 22 more words


I've been away making irresponsible decisions

Is it really a ‘Throwback Thursday piece if it happened three days ago?  I say yes.


Sorry for the hiatus – my work sent me away to another province for three days for ‘Professional Development & Recognition’.  715 more words

Random Shit

Hipster @ Sip Stir

Went exploring and found a new coffee shop called Sip Stir. I ordered a s’mores latte and asked the barista if she could put a cat design on mine for me and she said she’d figure something out. 22 more words

Random Shit

Can't Stand Her

I was helping my friend, Lily, out with a video she’s making. She was interviewing someone and needed some kind of stand to help keep her camera steady, so obviously I had to get on my knees and let her use my head as a camera stand.  17 more words



Good morning, Brie. It’s Thursday.

Filling the page, interspersing
Characters over white void
Combining words, stringing together
Sentences. Sense is made
Grammatically, but there is an… 53 more words

Real Life

Anything but lose you.

Would you be able to live with the fact that you are the reason why someone that matters the world and beyond to you has passed away? 135 more words

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