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Bar Fight

Good morning, Brie. It’s Wednesday.

Bar fight: this phrase carries imagery of smoky taverns, drunk brawls, sweat and pain, pool cues snapped in half, bruised knuckles, guttural screams, trickles of blood beneath flimsy paper towels, shot glasses shattered, fists thrown, mistaken boundaries of flirtation, and blame on intoxication as the source of violence. 397 more words

Random Shit

Geek Girl Con in October

As much as I have always wanted to go to a Con, I’ve yet to attend one. Brie hasn’t been since she was a kid. We are excited to announce that we will be attending… 34 more words

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I'm With Stupid <---

By: Ayomide Sekiteri

I really want to thank some of my everyday people who provide me with their ignorance that makes me question why I am in their proximity and how come I haven’t dropped in my IQ. 369 more words

Random Shit

Spinach Fettuccine, Dorm-Room Style

1 bag of spinach fettuccine

1 bottle of creamy alfredo sauce

1 container of mushrooms

1 partially used bag of frozen chopped spinach

1 cooking pot (too small to realistically cook pasta in) 335 more words

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Things Going On

Hey guys there are a few things that I’ve planned to go to this Summer in Asia.

Grand Prix Taipei 2014 – M15 Constructed/Draft
Comiket 86… 53 more words

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#310 A Tribute (2)

To be very honest, I never expected there to be a part 2 to this whole thing. But one day while I was randomly scrolling through my old posts, I saw the… 991 more words


Good morning, Brie. It’s Monday.

It feels as though we are constantly trained to think of our world in black and white terms – and that if someone fulfills one quality, they cannot be present in another. 509 more words

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