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Free Patterns

Attention knitters! I added a new page with a couple of frequently-requested patterns: The Dude hat pattern, based on his sweater in The Big Lebowski… 155 more words


WOW - just WOW… harlequins… my precious!

OK – anyone whom knows me… and I mean really knows my 40k background knows that the Eldar Harlequins are my joy in 40k.  They got be into 40k back in the early RT days (1990-ish).   102 more words

Random Shit

Thursday Never Looking Back

Good morning, Brie. It’s Thursday.

She knew it was a lie as soon as she said it. There was no way she could guarantee that she would never look back; she could repress certain moments to the best of her ability, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t pop up expectantly. 144 more words

Random Shit

Terribly Mundane

Good evening, Kathy. It’s Wednesday.

Her week is terribly mundane. There is laundry and meetings and grocery shopping. Today she put into the fridge the third cartoon of cream she had bought in as many days because she knew she needed it but kept forgetting she had gotten it yesterday. 170 more words

Random Shit

Hump Day Musings: Media Day Edition

Saber Tooth Tiger

Tiger Fucking Woods came to Scottsdale this week to see what the party was all about. Of course he’ll also play golf and attend the Super Bowl, but before any of that can happen he had to hold his usual pre-tourney presser on Tuesday morning. 785 more words

Tour Talk

2015 Piltour

Welcome to the 2015 Piltour!

The players:
1.) Hemmes
2.) Mac
3.) Whitey
4.) Jerome
5.) Team Knowles
6.) Deaser
7.) Manimal
8.) B-dawg
9.) French Kid

Random Shit

Tuesday's Grey

Good morning, Brie. It’s Tuesday.

The fog rolled through town, ignoring all posted signs; it  was completely disregarding one way streets, trampling on the grass, tempting the “dangerous dog” that lived behind the two foot fence. 184 more words

Real Life