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The complete guide to swearing at work

For those of us with a fondness for profanity, testing the bounds of cursing in the workplace can feel at once satisfying—and fucking terrifying. But fear not, there’s reason to believe that indulging your impulse to drop an f-bomb in the office is worth it, according to some experts. 1,241 more words

Americans are about to be reminded that butter is a luxury

The fact that Americans have stopped vilifying butter and embraced its full-fat role as part of a “wholesome, “natural” diet is perhaps old news by now.  216 more words

Bikini Coffee Shop Owner Hit With Prostitution Charges

For the past few years, some coffee shops in Washington state have been taking the idea of customer service a little too far.

A former owner of a Seattle-area “bikini coffee shop” was charged with money laundering and promoting prostitution Thursday, after her baristas allegedly served up sex acts to customers as well as hot drinks, CBS News reports. 165 more words

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Last Known Survivor of Hindenburg Flight Crew Dies at 92

A German man thought to be the last surviving flight crew member of the Hindenburg airship that crashed 77 years ago has died at the age of 92… 194 more words

Congrats Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross

Another Labor Day weekend wedding: Ashlee Simpson & Evan Ross!

Ashlee and Evan (Diana Ross’ son) after dating for a little over a year got married today at his mom’s house in Greenwich, Connecticut. 52 more words