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I should be asleep...

…but here I am at two in the morning, restless and anxious – not really a recipe for sleep.

So what am I anxious about? Precisely nothing as far as I can identify. 278 more words

Blah Blah Blah

Would you rather...

A guinea pig.  Apparently, if I was an animal I would be a guinea pig – according to my daughter.  This was apropos of nothing in particular; we hadn’t been talking about animals, no-one had set a challenge or posed a question: she just came out with it.   127 more words

Random Stuff

Three Types of Friends… Make That Four


One of my best friends summed up friendship like this: You have the friends that will come to your wedding, the friends that will show up at your funeral and then you have the friends who will be there to pluck your chin hairs and wax your lip if you’re in a coma. 1,206 more words

Random Stuff

Six Flags

Yesterday I went to six flags with my friends. We went on a lot of rides like dark knight, wizzer, and batman. I had a lot of fun! We got home at 11:00. :)


Sorry, time out:

It’s very late and I’m working on the next chapter of Avatar because it won’t let me sleep BUT I just found BABYMETAL!

Headbanging Heavy Metal + JPop. 92 more words

Random Stuff

Let's go get starbucks!

Good morning all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday morning and had a great Wednesday night, I know I sure did. My night was filled with laughs, good company, Starbucks, and eye-opening conversation. 709 more words

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