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Ok guys, I’m officially single once again. We’re still friends, me and her. But now it’s weird cuz we’re talking about other relationships. Ya, well hmmm… Stuff. 79 more words

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Number Mania

It was the night right after my class. My parents picked me up and we stopped by the nearby supermarket. While we were at the frozen food section, my mother took a block of cheese cost $ 441 more words


Lost T.I Calculator.

My mind is consumed

with the possibility of

you. And all these

Stats. Mean. I can’t

find the mean of

how much you mean

to me. 47 more words


5280 Feet in a Mile

Last Week’s Answer: The flautists were correct, because they played 34 measures that each took 1.5 seconds, and 34 multiplied be 1.5 is 51.

Two people are going on a road trip. 158 more words

And he asked, why do you write, so?

I replied:

When I speak,
Everyone listens,
Nobody hears.

Written word burns
Through your mind,
Faster than my voice, your ears.

The quotation marks
Will dance in your
Soul for years.

-Chelsea Oware