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Most Underreported Stories of 2014 | BillMoyers.com

Extra post this week because I thought that this was definitely worth sharing – please let me know if there are others that you feel should have been included… 6 more words


I just have to get this off my chest...

I don’t make a very good first impression.

I’m very aware of that.

Some people who don’t make good first impressions don’t really know why. But I just recently figured out why I don’t… 144 more words


Five More Days...

I’m sitting here at the library, waiting for my hubby to come pick us up. Some dude’s phone is ringing…or maybe he’s just listening to some music? 176 more words

Random Thoughts

Random Thought #16: "New Year, New Me"?

There’s only 11 days to the end of 2014.

There’s only 11 days to the start of 2015.

People always say “New year, new me,” but are we really just going to wait for a new year to come to change ourselves? 315 more words

Random Thoughts


The first boy I fell in love with was named Dani. It was October 3rd, 1995. Danny Boy.
Now I wonder if I ever was in love then, or anytime after. . .