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The Options You Give Yourself

Often the difference between success and failure depends on the options one has.  I’m not referring to opportunities one might have available to them but more so the options that you deem acceptable.   356 more words


Someone Needs To Tell This Biker That La Cosa Nostra Is A Secret

Don Corelone is rolling over in his grave right now.  I always thought La Cosa Nostra was a secret. But when your license plate is No God (or No Good) you don’t have to play by the rules of regular people.

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Random Thoughts

When to Hit a Woman

‘A man should never hit a woman.”  That’s probably the dumbest statement ever made.  If you believe this statement to be true, it’s either because it benefits you or because you just simply believe everything that a culture makes popular.   734 more words


Friday Motivation

Friday is the end of the work week, the light at the end of the tunnel we all know as the weekend is here. I don’t know about you but when it comes to the back end of the week I am struggling for any type of motivation. 38 more words

Life Journey

What We Can All Learn From Joan Rivers

I am a huge fan of Joan Rivers and was extremely saddened by her death. Watching the Fashion Police and hearing Joan’s jokes and cracks about different celebrities’ outfits made me laugh uncontrollably at times.   408 more words

Random Thoughts

Les Miserables


As I am nearing the end of the book (and it has taken me more than the summer to do so, reading kind of slowly, but enjoying every part) I have to share another tidbit with you. 104 more words

Random Thoughts

Pen meets planner

I’m here at a coffee shop along Katipunan and I arrived a little bit early than usual. I ordered my warm Caramel Macchiato, turned the radio on in my phone and asked myself: … 317 more words

Random Thoughts