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Dour Raho !!

“Jo tumhari khushiyon mein khush na ho, aise logon se dour
raho.” – J N

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Dour Raho by J N
November’s Petrichor
23rd October 2014

Random Thoughts

Why You Should Always Love Yourself: Flaws and All

Here I am sitting at work, staring at my reflection on the black part of my laptop screen. There they are, staring at me, like the ghosts of christmas past or something. 597 more words


Not Feeling Like a Loser is the Purpose of Life

Whether people realize it or not, the whole point of life is to not feel like a loser.  To be more specific the goal is to not be near the end of your life and to think that your life was sub-par because you were incompetent.   787 more words


Facebook is Crack

You had to have known that this topic was going to come up one way or another, right?  Or do you STILL not know me yet???  400 more words



I just want to apologise for the lack of posting. Life has been hectic lately, PLUS I’ve decided to try NaNoWriMo this year and I’m scared witless… I figure a novel is a good place to offload all my emotional angst lol… 32 more words

Random Thoughts

Washing dishes

Of all strange dreams this is the strangest one, not because it is but because it is not.
I am standing in my leaving area just watching him as he does the dishes. 98 more words