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Revelations, Narratives & Fear

I had an early morning revelation about my mom and dad’s relationship and my previous perceptions of it along my journey.  I had been under the impression for the majority of my life my father had left my mom.  186 more words


Almost Time to Go

It’s been so weird around here. I can’t believe how quickly the days are going by and how close it is to our last day here in Florida! 242 more words

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Wisdom on moving to a new place

No writing done at all this week, my friends–getting set up at grad school was more chaotic than I expected! I managed to get a new room that’s MUCH better than my old one, but as a result, I have to move all my stuff over there, pay some room changing bills, change up my keys, and buy some new furniture to fill up my big new room! 252 more words

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Business structure

When re-launching my publishing company this year, I realized although I was registered as a LLC, I was running my business and being taxed as a sole proprietor. 203 more words

Random Thoughts

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An oldie but a goodie

We have road signs that have a solitary exclamation mark on them, simply meaning ‘hazard’. What about an ellipsis on a road sign meaning ‘you’ll find out soon enough’.

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Happiness with "I"

Happiness is strange feeling! You feel so light, you smile constantly and laugh out loud more than usual. Nothing can sour your mood and you feel like this is the best day of you life.. 319 more words

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Random thoughts: The "fun-days" calendar

Congratulations!  Today, August 27th 2014, is recognized as quite a few days!  It is:

Burger Day

Just Because day

Global Forgiveness day

Tug-of-War day

And I’m sure a few more.   472 more words

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