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Eureka moment about sanity!

Sanity is nothing more than experiencing the fear of the repercussions of any kind of revolt.

Say for example we have all at least once in our life felt the urge to acquire a machine gun and shoot at whoever is in site. 128 more words

Random Thought 2014-04-23 8:53 AM

Life is never boring if you let it be fun … Find fun on the mundane!

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back on the bandwagon?

So, I don’t know what has happened to me the past few weeks.

I actually just had a conversation with my Dad about how I was over 2014, and he agreed. 286 more words

Jobs for TFWs but what about Canadians?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) in Canada. The issue has divided the country, with many in favor or the program and large numbers against it. 752 more words

Random Thoughts

3 Bold Statements Part I

I’ve been gathering my thoughts a little bit the past few days and I just wanted to throw a few things out there. These statements are more of a what if scenario and I have though about the answers for a while. 595 more words

Illini Bball


Sometimes you have to realize who matters in your life, even if some people have to only be a part of it from far away. 121 more words


Sometimes I manage to find the inspiration to write down some stuff, and since today is Sant Jordi’s day, the catalan day for lovers and books, I am sharing some of my work with you: 183 more words

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