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Stranger feels that her hair is more manageable now 

Since I am one that does not like to go hair salon, I am always willing to try out off-the self products, in the hope that I will find things that worked for me. 70 more words

Random Thoughts

Santa's little helper

Yeah, so, we took The Boy to see Santa and – well – it went better than last year.

Last year, Calvin wouldn’t even get out of the stroller… 898 more words

Carwash Thoughts

I just realized how cool it is that I am sitting inside of the family minivan as toasty warm as a roasted marshmallow. I have music on while my dad is out in the negative degree weather BRAVING THE COLD, and he is washing the van and doing stuff to the engine or whatever. 207 more words


It's Ok to experience consequences for your Free Speech, yeah? #2

As we already discussed in the previous post It’s Ok to experience consequences for your Free Speech, yeah?, the narrative of those who advocate that it is perfectly fair and justifiable for non-governmental organisation to retaliate against the free speech, enabled authoritarian regimes to suppress opposition, while maintaining the formal appearance of the existence of the free speech rights. 313 more words


Understanding crony capitalism and why it’s probably bad for you.

Government sets the rules. More often than not the rules determine who “wins” and who “loses” in any given scenario. Changes in government policy also sometimes change who “wins” and who “loses”. 482 more words

Random Thoughts

False choices in the news & Happy Solstice

This was a busy week for news, and there were several stories that I’d planned to touch upon this week, but after yesterday, I’ve decided to cut back a bit to just a couple of the bigger stories. 1,055 more words


Solstice Mindfulness

I cook mostly from scratch so my cutting board sees a lot of action. When it’s over there are always two piles: one for the cooking pot and one for the compost… one good and one bad. 143 more words