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Sawa Bona - I see you

We are human only through the humanity of others – Nelson Mandela

Life can be so busy that we never stop to think how we automatically say ‘hello’ – is it just a superficial pleasantry that saves us from having to engage on any deeper level? 288 more words

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King tut had a Club Foot!?!

I got over the idea a while ago that King Tut was not a great physical specimen. But at least he had a heroic death, right? 70 more words

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Today ’s Quote, Today’s Word, and Random Thought:

Today ’s Quote: “Mix a little foolishness with your prudence: It’s good to be silly at the right moment.” — Horace

Today’s Word: Incendiary adj. Designed to cause fires. 22 more words



It’s raining heavily outside.

It’s a bliss listening to the rain drops on the roof (for real), as I don’t need to turn my Nature Sounds app to get this sound. 31 more words

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TO LOVE EVEN when it's difficult

Sometimes we only love out of convenience. We forget how it is to love when we are hurt, when we are in pain, when we are suffering, when we are in affliction. 156 more words


The Sword

3rd March, 2000 | 19:55 – 20:10

The wrinkled mass of flesh lay
radiating a glow that came
from experience, from knowledge, -
from a life led in love; 74 more words

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