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“Just because you are happy, it does not mean that the day is perfect – but you have looked beyond it’s imperfections.”

- Bob Marley.


Normally, when we hear about bullying, we think about grade school: little kids making fun of each other, picking the most sensitive parts of our lives and advertising it on a big billboard that follows us around for a couple months to a couple years. 284 more words

My Life

Tattoos and life and everything

I want to talk to you about New York. I have finished knitting projects (yes, two!) to share. I have many a thing to talk about. 728 more words

Random Thoughts

Million dollar ideas!

Million Dollar idea:

“Stupid people versus self-checkout: Darwin’s Graduate exam.”

Coming to TVs this summer!




Bonus show idea:

“Moronic people with large automobiles versus logical parking”

Random Thoughts

We all great drivers, aren't we?

Today’s episode of things-that-must-have-happened:

“Hey everyone in the country:

Let’s get on the Interstate and go for a drive. But there’s bound to be a few big trucks on there somewhere, so let’s all just drive bumper-to-bumper in the left lane at or just barely above the speed limit. 55 more words

Random Thoughts

Mourning the Great Robin Williams Through Twitter

Note: I meant to post this originally on the 12th, but had problems with my WordPress acting up.

I first learned about Robin William’s death on Twitter. 87 more words

Random Thoughts

Group Runs And Good Fun

This summer, a few players from the weekly Ultimate Frisbee group set up a Summer of Running group on Facebook. The idea was to set up a day once a week to all get together and go for a typically easy, fun run. 271 more words