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Thank you for making me realize that’s there is nothing here that’s even holding me back.

That my fear of going away because I feel like people will forget me is a total bullshit because the reality is they won’t even notice I’m gone.

Late Nights

A Train Flying at You and Over You

This is a pretty remarkable video from a fellow who placed his GoPro video camera between the rails of a train track and recorded what it’s like to see a train coming at you at 75 mph. 25 more words

Random Thoughts

Media: Putting ISIS in Perspective

Yes, these folks are truly barbaric. But how big a threat are they?  It is not so easy to find out as Syria is pretty much a “no go” destination for western journalists. 45 more words

Random Thoughts

Early Fall days

We’re still in the early days of Fall, right when the last vestiges of summer are vanishing and the first cool days appear.
These are the days that will be fondly remembered in the coming weeks and months when Winter strikes, that’s when we shall be recalling these days witfully. 168 more words

Random Thoughts

Dallas hospital isolates possible Ebola patient

Article from KHOU 11 app!


Dallas patient in lock down after being tested for EBOLA!!!!! I bet you, pocket books will open now. Just saying. 242 more words


That's pretty impressive

When Jasmine figured out that Prince Ali was, in fact, “that boy from the marketplace”, all she wanted to know was why he lied and who he really was. 27 more words

a lost opportunity

When Terry and I want some ocean time one of the places we go is Capitola. It is just south of Santa Cruz and the village borders on Capitola Beach. 103 more words