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Hodge-Podge was the name of a character I created for a children’s story back when I was in my twenties. He was an elf-like being who lived in a land filled with castles and crooks and a little dragon buddy. 607 more words

White Wolf Moon

My favorite time of year

Beginning in November every year I feel suddenly fully alive.  The crispness of the air, the darkness of the early evening, and even the gloomy wintry weather days all make me joyous at being alive.   219 more words


Our Cookie Monster

Yeah, so, we all have our favorite food that makes us really happy.

Mine is burritos. Man oh man, I love burritos. I would eat a burrito for every meal if I thought it wouldn’t make me a massive fatty before killing me. 271 more words

Random Thoughts: On Momentum That Suddenly Goes Away

It is seldom that I feel this hype of having so many thoughts inside my head that I instantly opened my ‘virtual’ notebook and attempted to transcribe everything my cerebrum dictates. 264 more words


Small Thanks

I wanted to write today about what I am thankful for, but in this moment, surrounded by squawking voices of people I work with I can’t seem to channel anything that I am thankful for. 346 more words

Random Thoughts....

A Vagabond mind in the depth of the night

It is 11:45pm on a dark evening.

I’m disturbed by an image of a street girl who I saw sleeping on a street verandah this evening as I drove home from town. 827 more words

Random Thoughts

Untuk Hal Ini, Beri Aku Nilai Nol Besar

Sepertinya jatuh cinta memang bukanlah keahlianku. Buktinya aku tidak pernah bisa melakukannya dengan benar. Tidak jika itu bukan dengan kamu.

Harusnya jatuh cinta bisa terulang. Bisa kau rasakan dengan beberapa orang yang berbeda, dalam waktu yang berbeda, tempat yang berbeda.

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Random Thoughts