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The only difficulty with this one, apart from different perception by men and women (refer to the picture below), is letter В which should not be pronounced. 81 more words

Russian Vocabulary

Money in the jar

It would not be a surprise for you to hear that Russian word for bank is банк (masculine gender).

Also, we have a similarly pronounced word, but of feminine gender – б 92 more words

Russian Vocabulary

ЧЕЛОВЕК/PERSON - Chill love ache

This word is pronounced like ЧИЛАВЕК. Like 3 English words:

Chill love ache (just throw i from last word /eɪk/)

What kind of person would chill you to the core?

Russian Vocabulary

Random words: ДУРАК/fool

Quite a rude word, isn’t it? However, as it is unfortunately used very often, it won’t hurt to know it. So,

дурак is about a man, and… 168 more words

Russian Vocabulary

Random Words from the Notebook #3

lesul: or

gevalesek: compare

gek: compare to. Similar to the Chinese word 比 (Bǐ; bi3).

  • “Him gek her is tall.” is equivalent to “He is taller than her.”
  • 68 more words

Random words: СТАТЬ/BECOME

СТАТЬ sounds a bit like British English START, doesn’t it? Just mind the soft Т in the end. I want to start and become a… 74 more words

Russian Vocabulary

Inspiration Point

Found words. I tore this from the Daily Mail in Sainsburys café – another customer had been trying to complete one of the puzzles. I’m not naughty enough to steal the whole newspaper.