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If you could really go back in time and make some things right.

I’d be happy today.

Just once.

Random Words

Criticisms, Witticisms, and Potatoes

I’ll let you in on a little secret? (Yes. I will.)

I have no idea what this post is going to be about. Truly, I don’t. 606 more words


Creative Writing By Creative Reading

To write creatively is to make something new to the world, often by taking the agency to break rules and do what hasn’t been done before. 553 more words


Hands down

Close in giving up
Everything seems hopeless
And I am helpless

Random Words

Ternodai Gelapnya Malam

Oleh Rina Nuriana

Ketika mentari takkan menampakkan lagi
Ketika bulan tak mau bersinar lagi
Saat hujan terus merintih
Angin menghembus dengan lirih

Tak tau harus berbuat apa… 43 more words

Pendidikan Sejarah 2013


It is almost midnight. It is August, but it is cold and cloudy. This is the coldest summer in Barcelona as far as my memory goes. 297 more words

Random Words

There must be poems...

There must be poems that make sense in words. And not only in words, but also in rhythm, in harmony between lines, in sudden falls and rises of the heartbeat. 396 more words

Random Words