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Alchemy Propis

Don’t take this as an indication that anything with the Unknown Alchemy Story will be coming out soon, or, even, anytime. That being said: 389 more words

Birdie (Fiction)

Bernadette Thibodaux stood in front of the house she’d just purchased, key folded in her palm.  “This is it,” she exhaled.  She turned to her best friend, Chris, to read his reaction. 1,789 more words


Untitled #2 -- Just some words I found in my journal

An encouragement,
a push that sent me
to the confident zone.

Your words,
enough to drive me
to the happy road.

There it was again… 8 more words

Free Writing


Finally in this big whole world, there is only you who could understand about yourself. Sharing words is not often effective because some do understand and some don’t. 245 more words

Random Writing

Les S inventent les cartons, les ES les vendent, et les L dorment dedans

Pendant mon année de 1ère, au lycée, j’ai demandé à mon entourage d’écrire des mots dans mon agenda. Des dictons, des citations qu’ils aimaient, des blagues, des phrases que quelqu’un avait dites et qu’ils trouvaient intéressantes. 1,814 more words

Random Writing


Instead of seeking redemption
I recite the Lord’s prayer and pretend
they can’t see through my thin skin.
I pretend my covering is still in tact. 92 more words

Poem A Day