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Puppy Power

I have been retired for a three years now.  You always hear the saying that most men die within 5 years after retiring so yes, I am watching the calendar.   357 more words

Random Writings

Ring Ring

I don’t know how it happens.  For years It’s fine.  Now, I want to change my number.  Someone has to be using my number as a joke.  388 more words

Random Writings

365 - Face A Day (continued)

I cannot believe I have completed 65 days of faces. Some are disasters either through being in a hurry, tired or just plain crappy work. The thing I am pleased about is that someone does come each day. 123 more words

Things People Do

On Writing Fiction: Ideas are hard.

There’s a lot of Mad Libs writing going on in Hollywood. For example, here’s the formula for an action movie:

“ is a loose-cannon that doesn’t play by the rules” WHERE Actor = Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Deisel, etc. 613 more words

Eddie Danvers

New Day For Joy

I don’t know about you, but the pure joy that I experienced yesterday on Easter Sunday was indescribable. I was absolutely buzzing when I woke up, and then even more so in church when I was praising Jesus. 178 more words


A MM&B Night – Moon, Mars, and Burglars

Two blog posts in one day? I must be down with the flu or something. Or two consecutive life changing events inspired by gospel understanding principles makes this a special occasion. 468 more words

Random Writings

Playing the Ones Who Prepared the Way – 2014 Stake Youth Conference Pioneer Trek

First of all, I definitely have to apologize for my lack of stories, for some strange reason I found myself not having the opportunity to share my stories of the special events in life due to, well, life. 456 more words

Random Writings