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Draw Something!!

So while I was going through my phone and laptops and external hard drives I came across some of my draw something attempts and found them quite hilarious! 152 more words



Don’t judge yourself,

by the reflection in the lake,

as opposed to the mirror.

The water may be clear,

but a single wave,

and everything becomes distorted.

Random Thoughts

The Valley's Edge

There’s a valley behind the old house,

it’s only small but it’s presence is big.

Filled with evergreens,

it holds the dreams of many.

A young girl peeks over the edge, 118 more words

Random Thoughts

The Devil

A brief part of a Tarot symbolism book by P.D Ouspensky.
I thought this was pretty interesting.

And I heard the voice of the Devil: “I am Evil”, he said, “at least so far as Evil can exist in this best of worlds. 109 more words

Random Writings

A Heart That Isn't in it

Red as the rose,

and the stain on her lips.

Black as the dress,

that caresses her hips.

She wanders all day,

in the light of the sun, 56 more words

Random Thoughts

Finding battered Diamonds in the digital rough.

I’m a the worst type of cleaner; the procrastinating kind. Be it my desk, my car, the dishes and bowls in the sink with congealed with bits of food, I procrastinate on them. 1,840 more words


Look Up

I have a vain obsession with the sky although it is quite ancient. People go to sleep and awaken knowing that the sky will be in its place – it’s a prehistoric artifact that is always new – it is always different no one cloud is shaped the same. 289 more words