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A MM&B Night – Moon, Mars, and Burglars

Two blog posts in one day? I must be down with the flu or something. Or two consecutive life changing events inspired by gospel understanding principles makes this a special occasion. 468 more words

Random Writings

Playing the Ones Who Prepared the Way – 2014 Stake Youth Conference Pioneer Trek

First of all, I definitely have to apologize for my lack of stories, for some strange reason I found myself not having the opportunity to share my stories of the special events in life due to, well, life. 456 more words

Random Writings

Blood moon lunar eclipse

Date of the eclipse: April 15,2014(2mrrow)

This blood moon lunar eclipse will occur on the Jewish holiday of Passover which is quite rare. The time of the eclipse will occur at 3-4 am but the eclipse will be more potent will be at 1-3 am. 99 more words

Random Writings

To Trust or Not To Trust My Husband, That Is The BIG Question

Yes I do have a choice whether to trust my husband or not.

Let’s see the impact of each choice now.

If I choose not to trust him, I would : 730 more words

Random Writings

What is Science fiction?

Well I’ll be truthful I’ve never been a fan of sci-fi. But slowly I’ve grown to love it. I really associate Science fiction with nerds <sorry but its true>.  221 more words

Random Writings

Notation and Apologies

I am not sure my last post worked last night when it got sent out via email. I’m not going to re-post the entire thing, because I think I tried it and it’s working now. 65 more words


My experience of world building

With my experience of building worlds it has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride and it’s been frustrating. I’m looked at fantasy books on Smash words to look at maps of the author’s worlds and for me they look good while other’s need more details.  166 more words

Random Writings