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Mums the word

See you next week with an awesome new playlist and Apple’s toolkit for making the most out of your blog. And a cool “what the heck do those links do?” post. 32 more words


This page looks awesome!!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to post yet, but I’m posting now! :) And I have a question- which one of you designed this website? It looks Awesome!!!!

Iris <3

Random Writings

Random dialogue

“Why are you ranting?” says my girlfriend
“I’m not ranting, I’m just making a point.”
“Then why are you raising your voice and poking me in the chest?” 21 more words

Random Writings

The best laid plans...

The boxes are packed and gone and all that’s left to do is collect the final bits and pieces, unplug the computer and vacate the house backwards, cleaning as I go. 291 more words

Random Writings

Language, lovely language.

I’ve been noticeably absent on my blog lately. I’ve been writing. About blogging. Just not blogging. Does that make any sense? I mentioned earlier that I was giving a presentation at a local university regarding my experience blogging about (but not limited to) gender. 251 more words


Two Lines Or More

“Pan would you quit throwing my knife at the wall?” Rubik asked.

“Nope.” Pan replied retrieving knife again and throwing it once more and repeating the action over and over again. 271 more words

Yes I'm Insane And Hear People...so Here's What They Have To Say.


THANK YOU for two years of always finding something kind to say about my blurry photos.

THANK YOU for two years of faithfully commenting about music and my playlists even though I know many of you don’t listen to country music. 102 more words