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How To Make Your Neighbors Think You Are A Psycho

A few months ago, I moved into my first place. It’s a nice, little, one-bedroom apartment in the real-life counterpart to Arlington, the city in which my stories take place. 1,392 more words


Where Carousel Horses Go To Die...

Dawn grudgingly breaks with increasingly late hours. Held back by advancing nights, calm and cold concern. Empty streets, that once echoed that magnificent cacophony of early minutes and lasting love, now only hold the one known waning truth. 444 more words


Hold on to your strengths...all for one and one for all

Greetings reader! So, here I am sitting on my comfy bed with two long and big pillows to support my aching back while raindrops patter outside creating a rhythm with the sound of typing on the keyboard. 547 more words

Throw Back Thursday: Five Leaves

We were supposed to collect
Five different leaves
Over the weekend.


We forgot and
Monday morning came too quickly.
We ran out the door, 135 more words


Great Words: Bedlam

New week, new word. This week I wanted to explore a word that was well know in England for hundreds of years, although maybe not so much these days. 150 more words


Silent & Sincere Love

“It may not be a must but sacred and sincere love is mostly silent . It doesn’t shout out telling every next dude it’s story and doesn’t become hasty to be one with that person . 254 more words


Great Word: Sisipyean

Here is my word for you while I’m away. I think it is a brilliant word, so descriptive and meaningful. It has such a rich history and conjures such powerful ancient images. 180 more words