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Anywhere But Here

I don’t want to remain here

 Where my thoughts are in disarray

Go away

Your words aren’t welcome

In this place where silence is seldom heard… 84 more words

Random Thoughts

Christmas Cards

I remember my mother writing out her Christmas cards each year; she was so organized. Her address list was neatly handwritten neatly on a legal pad, updated each year to ensure the addressees received her holiday greeting. 1,007 more words

Light Phases

A Storm That Can't be Stopped

He stormed through the room,

like it was nobody’s business.

Wreaking havoc,

in the minds of others.

He was utter chaos.


even more so then a hurricane.

Random Thoughts

Jesus Who?

Once there was a couple who had a baby. They traveled while the woman was still pregnant because an evil ruler was searching for them. Lost in the desert  they found a manger and they stayed there for the night. 232 more words

Random Writings


There you are again,

just another scientist in a white coat,

eagerly waiting for the specimen to be prepared.

You have them put me on a slide, 125 more words

Random Thoughts

Fulfilling Dreams

Today I was reading about occupational therapy when I stumbled upon this article: http://thriveworks.com/blog/how-to-forgive-yourself-start-letting-go-of-past-regrets/

A few years ago I was constantly google searching, “Ways to Forgive Yourself” and/or, “How to Deal With Internal Guilt” — things like that. 215 more words

Random Writings

It May Not be Worth Anything

It may not be worth anything,

but it might be worth the world.

There’s no way for us to know

unless we try it for ourselves. 121 more words

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