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A Brief Meditation on Grieving and Facebook Walls

Grief is the last act of love we have to give to those we loved. Where there is deep grief, there was great love. –Unknown… 455 more words

Random Writings

Two Years Later

I live in Colorado now and I work in sales and I feel really unfulfilled by it.

Instead, I spend a lot of time exploring my spirituality and the dream I have about becoming a mental health therapist, working with people who are (temporarily and/or permanently) really fucked up. 255 more words

Random Writings

More Than Words

Like a beautiful dream after many long nights of nightmares, he walked into my life. Like rain falling from the sky after  years of drought, he walked into my life.  126 more words

Random Writings

When we stop fighting

Someday I was feeling wise and I came to this conclusion: Life if you ask me is a constant battle and some days I have to fight to win, some days I win without fighting, other days I lose and on the bad days I do not even have the will to keep fighting, but as long as I breathe, I live to fight again. 824 more words

It makes me sad . . .

We were fooled for years by him. Silver tongued, charming, intelligent, and sensitive. But he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And we, all of us, were fooled. 511 more words

Random Writings

Free Schools could be the way forward. Here’s why they work in Denmark.

Like it or not, Free Schools are becoming more established in this country but as usual, I think we’ve missed the point. Lack of proper legislation means that schools are being established that shouldn’t have been, corruption is being uncovered and many left-wing ideologues are saying; “I told you so,” as Tory education policy takes yet another dive. 3,304 more words

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Thinking Like an Engineer

This is why I am not an engineer. The other day we inherited a dishwasher. We already have a dishwasher, but this one is somewhat newer and therefore a good replacement. 1,404 more words

Random Writings