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Fears Part II

I just woke up from another horrible dream.

I was outside in my back yard about dusk and a friend came running through the yard right past me yelling something I could not understand. 491 more words

Random Writings

fairyrealm( the much newer version)

So I’ve been in and out of  creating fairy realm in which i like to label as a more inter dimensional place. In reality i had no plans for this place to be stuck in space or for it to be a sci-fi world that is dominated by fairies, gnomes, ogres, trolls and elves.   94 more words

Random Writings

The Mindful Pessimist: Counting My Miseries (and how it could be worse)

I have never been good at counting my blessings; I’m far too negative for that. Those chipper, upbeat people on my Facebook feed (how did I even get these friends?) are constantly posting positive, life-affirming sayings, and it takes a great deal of will power on my part to not refute each and every one as oversimplifying, sugar coating or self-aggrandizing the true nature of our existence. 592 more words


A Candle In The Darkness (Inspiration)

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” – William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice.

It has been a heavy week for humanity. 61 more words


Pass the Tablet 2

Pass the Tablet 2

We simplify our meaning
We give up what we know
When everyone is crashing
We fight for what we owe

My world is such a mystery… 216 more words

Writing Exercise

Search term sketchiness

I admit to being kinda bummed out that I never have any interesting stories to share about search terms used within the blog. Edith Bunker has been the most unusual one. 144 more words



Isn’t it strange how we deal with our fears?

I just woke from a horrible dream. In this dream I was a kid again I think because I was riding a bike through town. 889 more words

Random Writings