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It May Not be Worth Anything

It may not be worth anything,

but it might be worth the world.

There’s no way for us to know

unless we try it for ourselves. 121 more words

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On the Other Side of the Door

On the other side of the door, I see

a woman, strong and proud.

You’d never know that she’d been poorly,

what with the way she laughed out loud. 96 more words

Random Thoughts

Happy Little Pill

When I was a kid,

My dad took a special kind of pill.

I always found it odd that my parents called them his,

“happy pills”. 263 more words

Random Writings

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall.
Who’s the most made up of them all?
Is it the girl who paints her face with powders like an artist? 150 more words

Random Writings


I just wish this article is about me having an iPhone or a Mac book air finally, but sorry me this isn’t (dang!).

This is one of my crazy stories as a child. 289 more words

Random Writings

To Express My Will To Give Thanks In Sadness

Well today’s Thanksgiving. The day snuck up on me before I realized it. Perhaps it was all that self-loathing that made the time go by so fast. 333 more words

Random Writings

If I Were Art

If I were art, I’d be a canvas of mixed media.

When you step back and look at the big picture, everything comes together in unity to form the entirety of my being. 289 more words

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