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Life in Point Form

So here it is, blogsters – updates on what has been happening for the past few days in point form. Cause I’m busy lazy like that. 441 more words


Page 107/365

What if I get to talk to someone I’ve always admired? 




I would die and like freak out in front of Hayley Williams but that would be so embarrassing so I might as well just stare at her and ask to take a picture first and have my note signed and yes, if its even possible I would gladly talk to her all day. 


I mean, what could hurt?






A few days ago, I turned 23.
It’s mind-blowing to think about, and I’m still having a hard time letting the reality sink in. I think when everyone turns another year older, some deep, lame thought about identity runs through their mind, like one of those “What am I doing with my life?” sorta things haha. 256 more words


Help a brother out part 2

Hi everyone. I seem to have a lot more subscribers now than I did a month or so ago. How on Earth did that happen? I had a plan in mind where if I didn’t have many people interested in my blog after a few months of running it, I would threaten to hurt my Pikachu toy. 402 more words



Don’t you just hate the dentist? I do, I went yesterday to have a crown taken off and a new (temporary) one put in.  She had to crack my old crown in half to get it off, jesus the sound of that drill gave me nightmares last night. 225 more words


Military Alphabet Code

Do you know what the military code for the alphabets to A to Z is? While we are doing the A – Z challenge, I thought why not mention it? 94 more words