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Så snygg

Hittade en jättesnygg jacka på horsemeup. Och såklart har jag önskat mig denna i födelsedagspresent ;)


The Circle, Pg 269-270

She sat down, facing south, where she could see the lights, the bridges, the black empty hills dividing the bay from the Pacific. All this had been underwater some millions of years ago, she’d been told.

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Sunday Lesson Water And Names of God


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Joy – Live by IHOP KC
Marriage Wine by Jon Rizzo
“We are His purchased posession / We are His royal priesthood / We are Your purchased possesion / We are Your royal..” 19 more words


Breaking digits under the rug

I’m glad that a lot of my friends are finding ways to manage in life. Some of them keep trying to have me be their wingman for odd jobs though. 835 more words

Hong Kongers, not Hongkies

You know, I often get offended when people use uncouth terms or vulgar. It just feels wrong to me.

Especially racial terms or slurs.

I just read an article on CNA reporting the people of Hong Kong as… 196 more words