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Thoughts of Randomness: Vol. 5

I was looking through old notes and things that I had written in the past, when I came across something that made me really sad for the person that I used to be.. 884 more words

A brief empathic conversation on infidelity…

It is misleading to say a guy cheats because he is looking for something new.  On the contrary, he may be looking for something old.  Something familiar.  445 more words


Working Customer Service, Pt 2: Customer Complaints

There’s a Judge Judy GIF for just about everything. Here are the top 5 complaints/stupid things I hear from customers, and what I really think, or wish I could get paid to say (in no particular order) with the help of Judge Judy: 401 more words

never once they knew how hard being foreigner is

hasil dcm nya bener ;-; gue gakpernah bener kalo deket sama lawan jenis. kind of awkward, but not as simple as those stuffs. mungkin emang karena pengaruh guenya mudah kesinggung atau apa tapi setiapkali deketan sama lawan jenis gue serasa pen nangis. 340 more words

How Hard Life Is