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Now just sit down and listen....

Listening is a masochist endeavor. To do it right you have to put everything down. Not just your phone, even pen and paper. There is nothing to hold on to when you truly listen.

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Kindle Unlimited, Uninterested

So far, I have hesitated to try any of the new services — Oyster and Scribd — that offer you unlimited access to books for a flat monthly fee. 296 more words


It is time to stop rewarding failure

Silicon Valley (the notion) has become very much like rest of corporate America — it has embraced the philosophy of failing upwards. I have seen many executives get bumped up the ranks, get fancier titles and bigger paychecks, even though they were disastrous at their job. 554 more words


Passage of Time

Mark Twain once said, “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” So why is that one is occasionally reminded that years, are mile-markers of life, that puts you in a reflective state of mind. 612 more words


Beats, iWatch & Apple's fashion forward future

It has been weeks since Apple announced its decision to buy Beats for $3.2 billion. And while I have maintained that it is about the music discovery service, others believe that headphones are part of the reason why Apple ponied up so much money. 334 more words


Eyephone, not iPhone, dummy!

FaceTime aka video/selfie calls imagined in the 1920s. Today doesn’t look as crazy as it seemed to a century ago. The iPhone of today can do many of the things this “eyephone” was predicted to do. 26 more words


It is all about the good stuff

Betaworks’ John Borthwick in a must read essay on the state of the media writes:

It seems like we have two opposing trends going on simultaneously.

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