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Creativity sometimes =mess

My older boy is out of the country for Christmas (again! Insert pouty face here!) When I  asked him what he wanted for Christmas he said something thoughtful and personal.   169 more words


sunday randoms

Can we talk about how cold it was last week?! It was terrible! This is how I looked most of the days coming into/leaving work. 362 more words


Trios @ Sarc

My first public performance since landing in Northern Ireland.

This was an hour of randomly selected trios, improvising to some more or less prescriptive rules, which were also randomly drawn from a hat. 106 more words

i feel this right now !!! this is the moment , wrapped in it is a liftime

and now i escape into the magical world, i waited too long for the moment ….and i have finally come to the gates…. its amusing ….its an enigma…. 73 more words


More Old Poems

The stars will guide us,

to unknown destinations.

Fate, fortune, and finality will merge in a ceaseless union and then fade into oblivion.

Do you want to lead or be led? 241 more words