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7 random facts about myself

Here we go with the lameness….

  1. I was born with 12 fingers – The extra’s were tied off and I assumed thrown away or kept in a creepy jar either way  I no longer have them, just little things of the side of my hands which proves that I am in fact different ( and I love it).
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Blogging in October

So, I’ve decided that I am going to continue the daily blogging into October as well – Shall I call it Blogoween? or maybe Blogtober? I was initially going to go with Blogoween, and I just came up with the Blogtober, and I am kind of liking that one better. 98 more words


Must Read

Made me sad, made me smile. Animal lovers will enjoy the latest issue of Time Magazine

Randomness :)

Yo, I'm yellow

Dear Readers,

Being at a loss for what to write about and not liking today’s Daily Prompt, I went and found a different one. The prompt said “If you were a color, what would you be?”.   324 more words

Oh The Days That Go By

Not So Common Courtesy

Whatever happened to common courtesy? Something as simple as a guy holding a door open for a lady is rare…

Growing up, I was always being taught manners and respectfulness, so it comes naturally for me to open doors for anyone who’s behind me or needs help…of course it should, I’ve got a pending OCD only child for a mother(she reads every post I write, so it’s okay) and a third-born dad which should say a lot:) Anyway, it’s a habit. 262 more words

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My brother can be cool… sometimes. Very rarely though! JK:D Daughter of the Prince of Peace

NFL Domestic Violence Protest.



Protesters …regarding domestic abuse scandal(s) have seized upon a digitally altered Cover Girl ad picturing a female football fan with a black eye to bring a striking visual to their mission.

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Unripe fruit and other annoyances

My nectarine smells wonderful. I left it out of the fridge for awhile so it wouldn’t be cold.

It was a treat I was waiting to reward myself with. 115 more words