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Old Fashioned Clothing Packs & Big Spender

Old Fashioned Clothing Packs – Looks Can Be Deceiving

New event box is the old fashion clothing pack for 39 balens or as a drop/reward for completing items. 208 more words


Foreshadowing in Mark 1:35–38

I don’t usually write these sorts of posts, but since I’m a writer and I attempt to use literary features such as foreshadowing in my books, I’m going to point out a literary feature in the Gospel of Mark. 360 more words


little things

         Life is full of sucky things, Disease, Poverty ,War,etc…you name it planet Earth has it ! – i mean you kinda want to beat up Pandora for unleashing all this crap on Human kind- but its our reality and we have to deal with it , but I find sometimes life holds lots of surprises and wonder. 567 more words

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Everyone Has A Story. What is his?      

Black & White