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What has happened to the Gods?

It’s a follow up question that’s been boggling my mind for days and months. What has happened to these Gods and where the hell are they?? 596 more words


Easter Surprise!

When I was young, I made a small mistake with Play-Doh and have been paying ever since. According to my mom, she had just finished cleaning the kitchen. 158 more words


Korean: Jesus

Happy Easter!

Jesus = 예수 = yesu


Japanese: Jesus

Happy Easter!

Jesus = イエス = Iesu


Spring Break is Over

Well it was a much longer day than I anticipated, and a much shorter week than I had hoped, but I still enjoyed it. I became addicted to Royal Pains and have watched 3 seasons in like 4 days, which may not seem like a lot to some people but to me that is a huge amount of TV considering I usually get less than an hour a day. 93 more words


Peanut butter Easter eggs for speedy marathon recovery

Happy Easter and Passover everyone!  My first week of marathon recovery has been a little bit different this time around with my next marathon, the North Face Trail Challenge, being just five weeks away.   567 more words


Another WIP?

I’ve just got another idea of a story idea, but I’m not sure if I’m going to go with it or not. It’s kinda just an idea seed right now. 233 more words

Kar-men Lam