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Nature has a pattern And that pattern Is randomness #haiku #micropoetry

— I'm Nobody Who r u ? (@POETICandFUNNY) December 22, 2014


Randomness exists Until we are capable Of measuring it. #quantumphysics #haiku #randomness

— I'm Nobody Who r u ? (@POETICandFUNNY) December 22, 2014


Christmas fun & Mileage totals

One thing i did a lot of this weekend was run! The rest of the week…Not so much. Christmas is still kind of kicking my butt, and the rest of the week I spent trying to keep up with the 84,000 Christmas things going on around me. 477 more words


Fantage Meme

Just thought of this now… >.<

It’s like, duh Fantage, surely I would like to ride the train right? Obviously I wouldn’t click on it for no reason… XD


Train drama

Soooo I got a chance to visit the Train at Downtown. And omg look at all that drama.

To start with, all the immature people we usually see at Star Cafe and Downtown are parading at the front (okay I know that sounded kinda harsh but no offense to those people). 247 more words


Just... ugh

Seriously don’t you just hate people like this on Fantage

Who stands in the middle rocking their so-called “popular” items for the whole world to see… 75 more words


Never give up

A habit of mine lately is typing fantage______.wordpress.com and checking if that’s a Fantage blog. Yesterday I did it, and I found many Fantage blogs created only had like, literally just 1 post… and then they quit after that. 195 more words