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Some strange things are happening since I quit smoking

Okay so I am a new ex smoker , I’m only 15 days into this and I did not go “cold turkey”( I’d have killed someone had I tried that route), I’m using Champix to quit and it is working really good, how ever there are some side effects that I have been experiencing. 691 more words


Where Does All The Money Go?

I stay up late on Thursdays.

I stay up late on Thursdays for many reasons; I might have gone out with friends (Thursday is the new Friday, after all), I’m tangled in the web of some Netflix drama I’ve never seen before (just one more episode, I swear), and inevitably, I’m waiting for that little push notification to pop up on my iphone or ipad “A direct deposit greater than $125.00 has posted to your account.” Have greater words ever been pushed to an Apple device? 742 more words


Eight Months After

I am reading my own blog after eight months! Writing has not been on my mind at all lately. It goes to show that I am having more of a real life, that spending time online, reading blogs, and writing my own posts. 60 more words


Boasting is Pride Revealing

So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor. (NLT) ( 1 Peter 5:6 ) … 80 more words


Let's Talk About Sexism

Without you even realizing it, men all over the world are being oppressed and marginalized. Discriminated against in ways that women aren’t (although they get more than their fair share), this sexism is tolerated largely because it is being ignored. 563 more words


A View of Chicago from the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

While in Chicago a few weeks back I was fortunate enough to take a ride on the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel. While up there I snapped the picture of Chicago below. 20 more words