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The White Lining In A Dark Sky

He graduated in colours of the rainbow

Impressive moves and sacrifices towards professionalism

Personal development and struggles to be better

Months of serving his father land and developing his community… 346 more words


Scenic for a Cynic

I, have none other to satisfy,
Pride is my only drive,
Self I must actualise,
Only wealth materially satisfies,
Health for my physical ties,
Narcissism for everything else otherwise. 83 more words


Last Weekend and This Week's Ramblings...

Oh what a lovely day as I sit in my office thinking how good it is that I only have one more day of angst regarding my civic duty of serving on a jury. 311 more words

We want to see you!

Stella and I have been taking all of these stages of growing this community slow and steady. We’d rather build it right the first time, than have to do a complete overhaul down the road. 217 more words



I cannot stress further the importance of feeling. It is feelings that drives me to be who I am everyday. I feel happy and so I smiled and skipped my steps. 426 more words

What makes you more sore than spin class?

Riding one of these magnificent animals!

This is Bob.

Oh my word, horseback riding has made me so sore. My legs, booty and special area are in pain. 348 more words

Swear or Pear

Pick a pear that we can share as a pair,
If you dare I will declare that my heart is your éclair,
I will give you no scare, never not care, and be there when all else turns to naught and you despair, 257 more words