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The Bank of Target

I’ve had the idea for this article in mind for years now. I’ve been waiting for permission to write it, for a real publication, like the Dig, the Globe, etc. 788 more words


Bucket List

So, I realized that I sort of already did this with a blog post back in February of 2013 called Vacation Plans. However, this will be a general list that I will update from time to time of vacation plans and just things I’m doing or that I want to do in general. 410 more words


5 Things I Learned While Completing my Undergraduate Degree in Nutrition.

This month marks the end of ┬ámy undergraduate degree in Human Nutritional Sciences. I’ve already written my final exam and handed in my final reports. Completing this degree has been a long time coming, but I’m happy that I’m finally done. 877 more words

Memoirs: My Childhood

I was born in the lush green landscape of Haflong. It is, therefore, natural that I have had an everlasting bond with nature – the proud mountains, the chaste springs and the serpentine rivers running all along the valley. 1,140 more words


With a Promise

The disk is befalling – we have to part;

Bid me ‘goodbye’, lull me asleep -

Into a languid dream…

And leave, as you have to, 24 more words


Dawn of Freedom

It’s the dawn of freedom-

I lift my head into the booundless sky;

No pains, no chains – none to bind me,

I’ve risen above all illusion. 24 more words


A contemplation

The proud Sun-

loves the rose.

In contempt, but cannot express!

In silence, though his heart burns -

To see the wind kiss her red!