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Nights are the worst

One of the things I hate the most about my depression is how during the daytime I can put away like nine hours of napping time but the second it gets dark, my mind sets off like a firework. 87 more words


even though i am usually (but rarely) posting my poems, and obviously not well known on this wordpress ‘thing’, where it is only a medium to create an illusion of admirers..

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Thought #357

About thinking, I am waiting for the auto type to think for me.
It is not happening yet
But soon to be a good idea to have action… 46 more words


Deadlift Progress

1 lift 62KG success
1 lift 63KG success
Many reps of other various weights


#Random Thought: Relationship Keys


Is one of the key to having great relationships.


Is another key to having better relationships.

But the key to having the best relationships… 15 more words


#RandomThoughts: Of Gangsters, Long Hair, etc.

As I type this, I am on my way to the mountain city to be with my son for the weekend. In fact, right now, I am just waiting for the bus to leave from a more-than-supposedly-15-minute stopover. 869 more words

Free or Not to Free?

I was once again “researching” the Goodreads forums and I came across a topic that is very near and dear to me, book pricing. Okay maybe not so near and dear but important all the same. 417 more words