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My dear friend
you have been living a life of condemnation
Confined in a drug induced incarceration
Of your own lack of motivation
you reach my hand through the feces of damnation… 53 more words



It was past midnight and after her nightly ritual of book-reading she turned around to switch off the bedside lamp when she saw a huge crack in the drawer in her night stand. 394 more words

Random thoughts

I’m sitting here trying to figure out the best way to start this new post and before I realize it my mind begins to wander and I’m thinking of other things….so,here is my list of thoughts. 367 more words


God vs Religion

Always believe there’s an almighty god.
Also believe religion is created by people, it involves greed, fame, power manipulation, rules created by people.
I believe in god but I don’t believe in religion. Will I go to heaven?


Wynetta Harding

I have been watching Spooks this past couple of nights, British Drama at its best! I have been hooked from the start of every episode! 474 more words

Daily Musings

"Hi Kayleigh"

For the past few weeks we have been trying to get our serious saving heads on, in a bid to fulfill our ’2 Year Saving Plan’ that has been threatening completion for the past 6 years, since we arrived in Dubai! 606 more words

Daily Musings

FIFA: From the eyes of a novice

Its FIFA season and it would be remiss of me not to write something on it. While I don’t have the world cup fever, I surely am following it and trying to watch as many matches as I can before I push my husband off the couch to doze off in front of the TV. 428 more words