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#Random Thought:

They. say:

“Time. is. running.

You must hurry!

For. Time. is. Life. and. Life. is. composed. of. Time.”

STOP. slow. down. . .

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A judgmental world.

Because we live in a world where a statement as innocuous as “I ate an apple for lunch” can be interpreted into anything from “Is she trying to show off what a fking health freak she is” 

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#Random Thought: Real Friends

Real Friends don’t just run off like the current in the river… Though if they do, it’s a water CYCLE anyway; They’ll come back. :)

~ written last June 18, 2014 ~


#Random Thought: Real Friendship

Real friendship is like a BIG fire in the forest; It is hard to extinguish, though not impossible. . .

~ written last July 11, 2014 ~


Faith Bass Darling

It’s 1:10 AM in the morning and here I am pondering about my age, what life would be like soon, and about whether I should continue reading this book I just picked up a while ago at the library called Faith Bass Darling’s Last Garage Sale. 365 more words

My first publication in mathematics

I haven’t published a lot in my life, not to mention in mathematics. It has once been my passion to become a writer of sorts, and that dream silently faded away amongst a ton of other dreams. 412 more words



I like to believe I see the best in everybody. For example, I genuinely believe everyone that I went to high school is going to be successful. 178 more words