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Random thought of the day...

Is it considered rape if it’s with a robot?

Confusion reigns...

I keep wanting to order my thoughts. Put things into neat little compartments to re-look in a minute or two. Or even after a little while longer. 338 more words





The Bank of Target

I’ve had the idea for this article in mind for years now. I’ve been waiting for permission to write it, for a real publication, like the Dig, the Globe, etc. 788 more words


Bucket List

So, I realized that I sort of already did this with a blog post back in February of 2013 called Vacation Plans. However, this will be a general list that I will update from time to time of vacation plans and just things I’m doing or that I want to do in general. 410 more words


5 Things I Learned While Completing my Undergraduate Degree in Nutrition.

This month marks the end of  my undergraduate degree in Human Nutritional Sciences. I’ve already written my final exam and handed in my final reports. Completing this degree has been a long time coming, but I’m happy that I’m finally done. 877 more words

Memoirs: My Childhood

I was born in the lush green landscape of Haflong. It is, therefore, natural that I have had an everlasting bond with nature – the proud mountains, the chaste springs and the serpentine rivers running all along the valley. 1,140 more words