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Melting Time Under the Moonlight

A self-confessed person of routine, I don’t stay out late and I don’t rise before the sun most days. I eat three meals a day, work Monday through Friday, and try to sleep seven to eight hours a night. 431 more words


Remember Matthew O'Neill

A couple of weekends ago I went to a workshop out at Pt. Reyes. I rode my bike. There was a lecture portion in the morning at one location, a lunch break, and then a tour at a second location after lunch. 1,034 more words


The Crash

In May of 2011, I headed up to Seattle on the Amtrak to ride my first 400K. Just the week before, I’d done my first 600K in Oregon, where I met  2,265 more words

Things to Do During Your Taper

Ah, the taper. Time to back away from the long efforts, rest the legs, eat good meals, and ready for the big day.

What’s a person to do with all this new-found spare time? 575 more words


SIR Summer 400K

Standing around with 34 other mildly cold, brightly dressed randonneurs under I5 at the Green Lake Park and Ride in Seattle*, ride organizer Jeff Loomis started us off with some invaluable advice – if you don’t want to get lost on the Interurban Trail, follow someone local. 1,932 more words

Preparing for a 1000K Brevet

After a summer of bicycling, the Appalachain Adventure 1000K is fast approaching, and Felkerino and I will be riding it.

Given that the Appalachian Adventure is a late summer affair, Felkerino and I maintained a pretty big base of mileage since finishing the… 252 more words


you just never know

The past few weeks has been kinda crazy. No maybe that’s not quite the right word. Unsettling? Thought-provoking? But not just all the usual thoughts, instead some extra introspection and reflection on just how tenuous and fragile life can be. 560 more words