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Berthoud "Touring" Saddle

The ‘ol Brooks B17 which was handed down to me from my uncle started to squeak with each turn of the cranks. Upon further inspection, I found the seat rails to be a little rusted. 267 more words


Devil's Daughter 210K Permanent

The emerging warmth and green of spring days tempt us. Long days at the office interrupted by relatively brief spates of outdoor time urge us to spend weekends actively exploring. 441 more words



“DON’T WORRY about it. I can be the controle goy.”

Hopefully I didn’t sound flippant. It actually tickled me to do. Because it wasn’t kosher, he couldn’t buy anything to get the receipt. 767 more words


Randonneuring Rack-Bag

Randonneuring is an unfortunately-spelled cycling discipline where you ride a long way in certain amount of time. Some fairly specific bags developed to fill the needs of randonneurs (map cases, on-the-go entry, etc) and these haven’t changed much over the past half-century. 595 more words


And now ladies and gentlemen, for your delectation and edification, the first day of spring will be followed immediately by the first day of summer

Warrenton 300K
April 12 2014
15 hours, 2 minutes.

I eased my tired body back into the plush molded plastic and pulled out my phone. From behind the counter came the cheerful shouts of the dedicated Hardees… 4,338 more words


Shimergo - 1000's of miles later.

I recently overhauled the handlebars on my commuter with a “drop” type bar, “road” disc brakes and campagnolo ergo “brifters” (on my shimano drivetrain).  Below are the series of posts covering this. 299 more words


GPS & Randonneuring - Part Deux

3 years ago, I wrote a post titled “GPS & Randonneuring.”  I have learned a lot in the last couple of years.  This is probably one of many updates, and I’ll continue to to update as I learn more information and technology evolves.  1,806 more words