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Failure Is Not An Option Until It Is

Today was the 3rd 200km ride in my KMsForICM challenge.

I didn’t finish the ride and I’m beating myself up over it, mainly because I don’t like having to quit a 200km ride at the 124km mark, but my right knee was on fire (and that’s the GOOD knee) and I knew I had to pull the plug or not be able to start the… 558 more words


Late Season Permanent

I saw the opportunity and took it.  I’ve been meaning to try a ride around Washington State’s largest island since I’ve been coming up here in 2003. 1,547 more words


Coffeeneuring 2014: The best of Washington & Philly

Let me get something off my chest: I love coffeeneuring! And, not just because it is the creation of my lovely and strong spouse, Ms. Coffeeneur herself, though that certainly helps. 1,503 more words


Long Rides Through the (Polar) Vortex

Last Friday’s KMsForICM ride was considerably more difficult than the previous week’s. Still 200km but with the added bonus of 9167ft (2174m) of elevation gain. Not terrible, but considering that most of that climbing was from roughly mile 41 to mile 101 it meant that my ride time went from “killing it” early on to “please kill me” by the 65% mark. 938 more words


2014 Davis Dart: Delta Montagnards Ride Again!

This has been a tough year for the ol’ mmmmbike. Lots of bad karma coming back to me for whatever horrible things I’ve done lately have made me want to wash 2014 down the toilet asap. 2,175 more words



I’m back. It’s been about two years since I have updated this blog and have decided to bring it back. I know – blogs are passe but I really don’t care. 1,181 more words


New Way to New Windsor 200k

November was almost vanishing before I can schedule another big ride. On the last day of the month I was ready to complete a 200k, again . 451 more words