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2014 SFR Uvas Gold 200k

December 2014 was the first offering of the Uvas Gold 200k as a brevet on the SFR calendar. It was billed as a nice, flat end-of-season wrap up ride. 1,536 more words


Bikes aren't bad

Sometimes, I fear my fascination/obsession with bicycles is in too self-indulgent.  242 more words


Big Rides

I’m going into 2015 with an open mind.  I would love to ride more brevets this year, but I’m leaving mileage goals wide open.  I did a few “ 417 more words


Pop-Pop, Fizz-Fizz----Oh what a relief----Tubeless is

It has been over 2500 miles  since I switched to Schwalbe One Tubeless tires.  So how are they doing? 229 more words

Montavilla - Multnomah Falls #2508

A reversible loop route of 101 km (62 mi).

“This is a suburban/rural/forest ride to the scenic waterfall area in the Columbia River Gorge.”

Status: Approved. 550 more words


Montavilla - The Ring of Fire

A loop route of 102 km (63 mi).

“A review of six volcanoes in the Portland metro and some other summits they created–a Super Randonee 600k in microcosm.” 331 more words


Montavilla - Cape Horn - Lacamas

A reversible loop route of 102 km (63 mi).

“This suburban/rural/forest ride through the Washougal Gorge and the mouth of the Columbia Gorge.”

Status: Draft. 551 more words