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God’s Sovereignty and Meaningful Human Choice: Why Is This Tough and Controversial Issue Worth Studying and Discussing? #91

By Randy Alcorn
What good can come from studying the mysterious and often upsetting subject of God’s sovereignty and human free will?

In small-group Bible studies, at colleges and seminaries, on blogs and radio programs, sovereignty and free will are bantered about. 272 more words

Discipleship Training

How Could a Good God Allow Evil and Suffering? # 86

The problem of evil, persecution, pain and suffering seems to surround us daily with our friends and the media. I addressed this with Trials, Tribution and Trouble Scripture #6, Why do Christians Suffer #22 and Why does God allow tragedy and suffering #59. 454 more words

Discipleship Training

God is Good

Best-Selling author, Randy Alcorn’s book “If God is Good:  Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil” attempts to answer the age old question – If God is Good, why does He allow evil?  142 more words

Non-Fiction Book Review

A Glad and Generous Christmas…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…filled with decorations, cookies, presents, music, and all the Christmas cheer. As a Christian dad who is trying to lead my family well through the holiday season, I am trying to help my children think rightly about Christmas. 591 more words


Where is Your Treasure?

On a Sunday afternoon in November, we gathered with a handful of our church family and let them talk about what they had been learning from our Bible study series, The Treasure Principal. 36 more words


dinging of the soul...

Ding, ding, ding. This signal, simple and subtle, often keeps me from being stranded. As I hurry around town – driving to and from work, back and forth to home, or over to the coffee shop – this signal reminds me of a simple task…to turn my headlights off in my Jeep. 487 more words


The Treasure Principle

I mentor a group of 8 guys each year. The group meets once a month. We memorize Scripture together, read books together, and challenge and sharpen one another. 732 more words