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Randy Couture Hesitates on UFC Antitrust Lawsuits, Sees Door Cracked Open

The UFC got hit with not one, but three class-action antitrust lawsuits in December, all filed by the same group of attorneys, but on behalf of three different sets of plaintiffs. 608 more words


MMA Crossfire - Backstage: Randy Couture, Michael Austin, Blue Man Group

UFC Hall-of-Famer Randy Couture is enjoying his retirement from mixed martial arts. 89 more words


Video: Fighters, former fighters and trainers talk training to avoid injuries

With the UFC’s 2014 in the books, the promotion heads into 2015 hopeful that it will have some better luck with injuries.

The UFC had to delay plenty of big fights this past year thanks to training injuries, just like it did a couple years ago. 121 more words


Video: Randy Couture says his relationship with the UFC is 'non-existent'

One of the more intriguing behind-the-scenes stories to play out in the mainstream MMA public eye the past couple years has been Randy Couture’s relationship with the UFC. 298 more words


The rise and fall and rise of Xtreme Couture

LAS VEGAS – People might tell you that there was a time when the Xtreme Couture gym on West Sunset in Las Vegas was home to one of the top fight teams in MMA, but that isn’t true. 2,558 more words


Terrible film?

So somebody asked me recently, what’s the worst film you’ve ever seen? Now this was a loaded question because, lets face it, Ive seen many a terrible film. 430 more words

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