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Die Like A Hero Going Home

Seven years ago today, September 18, 2007, Randy Pausch, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, stood before 400 colleagues and students to deliver his final lecture entitled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.” 578 more words

Contemplating the Last Lecture (APAD 2014)

I’ve heard a lot of talk about this lecture. Three time before I’ve started to watch it but didn’t last ten minutes. But last night, I sat myself down and sat through it. 419 more words

A Piece A Day

Letters-To-My-Daughter #8

Sometimes there will be so many questions but no correct answer; unbridled tears but no perfect shoulder. For such times when no one understands you, I’ll give you this book.

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Are There Really 'Bad' People in the World?

So often we hear people preach about the importance of forgiveness of those who have done us wrong. “Hanging on to resentment is letting someone you despise live rent free in your head,” is something I try to remind myself constantly. 811 more words

Life Lessons

The Last Lecture

This weekend I revisited a book that I first heard about on Oprah six or so years ago. Her show featured Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon professor and discussed his final lecture on achieving your childhood dreams. 372 more words

Books Worth Reading

Day 3 and 4 and 5....

I am terribly forgetful, I’m so sorry! Here’s my challenge answers! 

Day Three: Who are your blogging BFF’s? 

Well, I don’t actually have any yet. I’m still relatively new to the game, I suppose, and I haven’t established myself entirely yet. 387 more words

A life well lived!

This book blew me away. I teared up numerous times while reading “The last Lecture”. Absolute brilliance.

I will not write an elongated review because I don’t have a single thing to criticize about. 294 more words