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The Only Thing That's Real

Real talk time. When I was younger, like a little kid, I thought it was uncool to feel strong emotions. I grew up idolizing the too-cool-for-school guys who never let anything faze them. 2,001 more words


The Empty Stage

Have you ever stared at a blank wall for an extended period of time? It doesn’t literally have to be a blank wall to count here. 1,603 more words


The Dress Part I

Let me pause our story to talk about….. the Dress. Let’s talk about The Dress.

If only I could. I don’t know anything about the dress. 681 more words

Hey! Randy!

Hey! Randy! Randy! RANDAYYYYYY!!!

Hey, what’s up man? It’s me, Pat Tisdale from Lincoln High! Man, you should get your ears checked, ’cause I’ve been calling after you for about six blocks. 633 more words


Magic: Part 2

Continuing on our post from last Sunday, here is the second scene first recorded show. We are voicing our thoughts on our work in this show, to both get our own ideas straight, but also in case you’re interested. 1,806 more words


Expendables 3 Movie Review, and is it worth seeing in theaters?

Expendables 3

Rating: Didn’t Suck

I liked Expendables, I hated Expendables 2, and I’d say Expendables 3 is better than 2, but not as good as the first. 693 more words

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Black Camp X-Ray Lane Garrison Leather Jacket For Mens

We get the coat that could be said to be half cool and half Decent, is Worn by Lane Garrison which he styled up before his gathering of spectators at 2014 Sundance Film Festival named as  109 more words