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Wednesday's Child: 4 Year-Old Randy

BOSTON (CBS) –┬áRandy, soon-to-be 4, is a cute, expressive Haitian young boy who has a very loving side to him. He is able to build solid bonds with the people he is with. 222 more words


Will there be a dynamic code injection for dart?

I am currently preparing a talk about Polymer.dart and would like to give a short introduction to dart. There is one question I would like to be prepared for: 65 more words


Taking Cray for Root Beer "On the Road"

A beautiful fall day in west central Minnesota ends with a night of root beer quaffing with close friends. To steal an oft quoted phrase, “It don’t get much better!” Today’s four selections under scrutiny were all from dark glass bottles. 287 more words

'Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute' using async/await

I have a simple Unit Test:

public void TestInitDatabases()
    Debug.WriteLine("Testing loading up all databases!");


And a Method in a ClassLibrary that is attempting to load an Entity with 58,139 records. 562 more words


No One Cares About Your Plot

Think about the plot of your favorite movie. There are a few options for me here, but I’m going to choose Casablanca. This is where I would put a spoiler warning, but… 1,426 more words


INTERVIEW: Sammy J (AUS), April 2012

It’s rare that I get to do non-music interviews – well, Sammy’s definitely a musician, but in the realm of comedy. You get what I mean. 2,198 more words