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Runner Up | Rangefinder black and white alternative Photography contest

Runner Up | Rangefinder black and white alternative Photography contest

Thanks to Rangefinder and Shutter+Light for the info on the contest.  Featured in the April 2014 print magazine. 17 more words

Fine Art

Backward in Time

A few years ago I thought I would give film photography with a rangefinder camera a shot. It was a complete failure. The reason is I am not too sure about using this camera, much less if it really works for me. 153 more words


Afternoon Meetup

Everyone have been travelling and finally we gotten together to have some drinks.

As usual, it’s also involved some photography along the way.

Playing with the new Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and here’s my master piece! 56 more words


Vintage organ

Shanghai, 2014. Reminds me of the old days.

Canon-7, Jupiter-12 2.8/35. D76 + bulk Trix 400.

Black And White

Film Friday: Yashica Electro-35 GT

Welcome to the third instalment of Film Friday!. this week we’re going to be looking at my Yashica Electro-35 GT. A 35mm Rangefinder camera.

The Yashica Electro-35 GT  is a 35mm, Rangefinder camera. 266 more words


My first camera ..was actually pretty good!

Olympus 35-SP

Wish I still had this, but, alas, it’s long gone. It was a pretty awesome present from my parents in 1973 when I was 11, and just in time for a month-long school trip to Mexico. 116 more words