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Photo Essay: The Ismaili Jamatkhana in Myanmar, With Notes on the Community's Patriotic Spirit

Editor’s note: This post is an amalgamation of selected photos of the Ismaili jamatkhana in Rangoon taken by Muslim Harji of Montreal Canada during his recent visit to Burma (now Myanmar) with photos and text produced in an earlier piece under the title “Burmese Patriotism” on this blog’s companion literary website, … 1,524 more words

His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan

utolso ora, utolso nap

Egy utolso loket a kis tinikkel, egy gyors koccintas a kolegakkal, es mar indulok is a buszpalyaudvarra.

Mert hurra, nyaralunk. Mert boldog uj ev lesz, ha megeruk. 29 more words

taxi sofor es az ottfelejtett penztarca

V a tegnap esti vacsi pia kombobol hazafele a taxiban felejtette a penztarcajat. Benne kb $200 papirok, bankkartya minden ahogy kell.

Persze ez mar csak akkor derul ki amikor a taxi mar oda van. 117 more words

I Say Do You Have The Time

Well let me see It’s just six in the sticks It’s almost four in Ranchipur and it’s a quarter to three in Tripoli It looks like high noon in Rangoon and it’s half past in Belfast “Thank you so much ”  ” Don’t mention it Any  time “



Hurra van es minnyar (pentek este) megyunk nyaralni. Mert nyari szunet van. Gyagya rohaszto szunet.

De nem ez a lenyeg. Hanem hogy megyunk. Buszozunk, Vonatozunk. Taxizunk. 67 more words

Warner's Safe Cure: "No City" Safe Cure?

While we are all familiar with the so-called “3-Cities” (Toronto) and “4-Cities” (Dundein, New Zealand) Safe Cures, no one had ever showed me an example with no city on the base. 535 more words

H. H. Warner