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German soccer players: social ranking

Who are the true stars of the German soccer? In this piece for Focus Online, I checked the popularity of the German soccer players based on the number of fans of their official Facebook accounts and compare it with their market value. 246 more words


Top 10 God of War (Series) Executions

The God of War franchise was one of the coolest and most epic games ever.  It played like a Greek tragedy, except with more blood and boobs.  1,914 more words


Hip-Hop's 5 wealthiest artists by Forbes 2014

Like every year, Forbes published a ranking of the richest people in the world. We are interested in how the rappers led this year.In this year’s rankings can”t miss… 155 more words


Does Your Job Suck- Check The Ratings

We know that now are very trying times and people are in a heep of trouble/difficulty  if they are out of and/or seeking work. So, what one should realize is that having any job is a blessing. 46 more words

We can find and search for people using level, honor and ranks, but how do we know if they are active?

You can see who is the most active by using the Weekly Loot Rankings.

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