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Maybe It Is Better To Have Even More College Ranking Lists

Colleges are not synonymous with socioeconomic inclusion. In fact, the mere thought of attending a university in the United States can be considered an elitist act. 230 more words

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Going thin on top? Here are five prefectures you may not want to live in (and five you might!)

As someone whose locks started thinning when he was about 27 years old, I know how much of a shock it can be to learn that your body has seemingly decided to begin the follicle-retiring process without consulting you first. 484 more words


Protected by technology: Tesla Model S is the least-stolen car in USA

Model S received lots of positive reviews and amazing feedback. Everyone seems to love it’s sleek aerodynamic design, futuristic interior with a giant screen in the console and incredible torque delivery. 151 more words


Visiting the South Pole and 14 other lesser known crimes in Japan

Every country or district has their share of obscure crimes tucked deep in dusty long-forgotten law books. Archaic prohibitions on tying your horse to a dog or refusing to salute your teachers can be found everywhere. 1,568 more words


NYPD Approval Rating Takes Sharp Drop After Garner Death

The NYPD’s approval ratings have reportedly taken a strong hit in the wake of Eric Garner’s death, a new Quinipiac poll shows.

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A New Kind of Rating System

When we walk out of the theater and I ask you what you thought of the movie, you don’t say “five stars, two thumbs up” or “a mediocre 27 percent.” You use introspective creative language like “it was amazing” or “it sucked.” 692 more words

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Ranking: Every Jeff Buckley Song From Worst to Best

Twenty years ago this week, the Earth was graced by what would end up being the only full-length release of a beautiful voice. Jeff Buckley… 6,529 more words

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