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Fitting the Stereotype

Once you label me, you negate me – Soren Kierkegaard

Too many times,  I get thrown into a bag of peanuts – each peanut comes in different shapes and sizes, but no one really gives a fuck about them because life’s much easier if you just know them as just peanuts…

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Rant of the Day: Episode 3: Trolls!

We have had this happen before in the past, all of us have. We get online, run a dungeon and run into the biggest suckiest person around. 223 more words


Help!! I'm drowning

Even the well put together people, don’t have their stuff together all the time. We all have problems and obstacles in our lives. We are all in the same boat, that’s slowly sinking. 105 more words


Incorrect Food Labelling A Travesity Or Illegal?

So, this evening I’ve decided to partake in one of my diet chef meals. I probably should have eaten this a while ago, not that it’s out of date, more that I should have stuck to my ( one of many) regimes that I was on when I first bought them!! 126 more words

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Rant of the Day: Episode 2: Games We Hate

Some games mean the world to us while we relish the thought of even picking up some of the other titles . Why is this? Maybe your a graphic whore and you like to most updated graphics, and only such. 630 more words


Rant of the Day: Episode 1: Final Fantasy XIV Developers Blog; Favour System is not endearing!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, it’s comparable to creating a flaming dragon with infinite power and dragging him to the ground with chain and ball. 579 more words


Rassismus in der Tierrechts- / Tierschutzbewegung

Anlass des heutigen Blogeintrags ist ein Post, den ein mir bis dato unbekannter Mensch bei Facebook geteilt hatte. Es handelte sich hierbei um ein Bild von für die Schlachtung bestimmten Hunden in China, die zu diesem Zweck transportbereit in enge Drahtkäfige gepfercht waren. 681 more words

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