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The 1980s Are Overrated. And Annoying.

You people like this shit?!?! 

Here’s one thing you can do to get under my skin in a snap: talk about how the 1980s were “the most awesome times ever.” And if you were born in, say, 1989, and only lived just months of that decade, and still maintain this shit because you can’t think for yourself and go by the hype and chatter of others, well…there’s a reason why the term “brainless sheep” exists. 969 more words

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Rant of the Day - Sound Cards

Ok so, a few months back I figure it’s time I stop being cheap by using the motherboard’s on-board sound and buy myself a proper sound card. 624 more words

Rant Of The Day

Rant of the Day - Driving (Reckless Drivers)

This topic applies to the people who drive 20k’s over the limit while cutting people off without indicating, or just any of those 3 things separately.  769 more words

Rant Of The Day

Rant of the Day - Traffic (Merging)

The first of many rant posts to come, I’m sure. This is about driving in Perth, Western Australia.

As I made my way along the Kwinana Freeway to get home today, having my cruise control set to the speed limit, I notice a car coming onto the freeway from the ramp. 267 more words

Rant Of The Day

Stop assuming things unless you like to be wrong

Stop assuming things. It’s annoying and you could be wrong. Just ask questions and get the whole story before you decide to go off on people. 185 more words

Love Yourself

Being an adult is awesome until it starts to suck!!

As an adult, or for me a young adult, you can do whatever you want unless you are like me and still live with your parents because you are poor(which there is no shame in that!!! 380 more words


How Does a Recycled Bimbette from the 90210, Get Her Own "Home Improvement" Show?

In the advert, she admits she is “afraid of power tools.” Really?! This is the person who gets her own show on HGTV.

Nicole Curtis is great. 275 more words