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To "Like," or Not to "Like"

I’m moving beyond the phase of my life where amassing Facebook “Likes” matter to me. Much like the attitude I have toward my blog, I am honored if/when I do receive such “recognition,” but ultimately, in the end, all that I really care about is that I was able to communicate my thoughts to the world whether or not they “liked” hearing (reading?) it. 157 more words

Here's What I Have To Say About That

Why I'd Rather Pass a Kidney Stone Than Talk About My Writing.

So far, this summer has been a busy one. I mean, I don’t know which summer hasn’t been busy because seriously, Canada only allots me about 8 to 10 good weeks of summer weather, and the rest of the time, I contemplate immigration. 807 more words


When Vanity Publishing Turns Dangerous

I know that it seems progressively harder to get published, as more and more books seem to become yet another commodity, and fabulous advance bidding wars are fought over the rights of (sometimes mediocre) books which are snapped up for megas because someone sees FILM RIGHTS or MERCHANDISING. 932 more words

Shouting From The Soapbox

Rocks That Would Make a Better Batman Than Ben Afleck: The Easter Island Heads

Don’t get me wrong. Ben Affleck as the new Batman totally makes sense to me. Mainly because I believe, like the brilliant producers of the upcoming film… 513 more words


Lately I’ve been thinking.. I want to delete all of my social media accounts – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. – and disconnect from the internet world. 88 more words

What happened to .. "Be quiet and face the front!" .. ?

I remember reading somewhere that some nutters believed that children should not be taught to read, because if you put a group of them in a room full of books somehow they would teach themselves. 165 more words


"Unimportant Sentences"

I remember in elementary school, teachers would tell us to remove “unimportant sentences” when conveying an idea.  In essays especially, you were to trim the fat and be as straightforward as you can.   296 more words