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Reasons Why

So this is the reason why i dont want to go to the universities my father has picked.
The first university (Lets call it university I) is wayyy above my level and i know what kind of people who go there. 911 more words


ANIME RANT: Area no Kishi (continued)

Warning before you start; all/most of this will most likely spoil things, so if you don’t want anything to be spoiled to you about Area no Kishi… 323 more words


Haven't been on in a while

Well, there’s not much new. I’ve been trying to overcome my negative attitude. I’m just so bummed out about things. My whole life just feels pretty blah right now. 103 more words


Ugh. This post isn’t even about yoga. Steve over at the Confluence Countdown wrote a post about an answer he found on Quora with a response to the question of what it was like to go to Mysore. 235 more words


Dear Christians,

Ever wonder what agnostics and atheists see?

Imagine (I promise it’s not a sin) for a moment if the Bible was just a book written by any given author, your favorite fiction author, even. 396 more words

The death of the spirit of Art--plus Chesterton.

Here’s a fascinating post which basically says everything that I’ve wanted to say about the deadness of modern art. ¬†Only he uses music as his core illustrator, instead of visual art. ¬† 309 more words


Lauryn Hill Accosts Fans After Showing Up Late To Performance [VIDEO]

Don’t say anything to Lauryn Hill about her tardiness to her own shows because she will read you the riot act. The lauded R&B star showed up late to a Chicago concert and had a man escorted out when he complained to her. 202 more words