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"Believing is Seeing"

I have always had doubts about anything that someone told me was absolutely true. I would question authority and never accept an answer unless I was satisfied that the speaker was trustworthy. 487 more words

So.. A Korean Midget Hacked Up Spider-Man's Web, With A Picture From Sony?!? WTF?!?

Wow… Roseanne looks great for her age! [“Thats not Roseanne.”] What do you mean?! That’s her! She just got a butch haircut, is all.. [“That’s Kim Jong Un! 643 more words

20/12/14 - RANT: At Dawn

The dawn came, with a growing shadow blanketing over all. Like a flip of a coin, we all became different under the darkness.

The Shadows shrouded our heads, like masks concealing innocence, and in these nights, we forget that we were once children and babes that had loved once before. 37 more words

friendly rant about MY own life.

Well, it went as expected. Nothing excited. This wasn’t the hard one. That one comes later. It can’t be put off too long or it’ll just make it worse. 352 more words

The Christmas Carwash

There was once a boy called Christopher. He lived in a part of Ashington, so ordinary, nobody ever noticed it. Nobody ever noticed Christopher, either. He had ordinary freckles and ordinary hair, and his smile was an ordinary smile. 3,581 more words

Why fanfiction?

Everybody doesn´t like fanfiction. I know that. There are even people who look down on people like me who write fanfiction about real people. I´m sorry about that. 154 more words


Boo & Roo (8) - Rant

This isn’t the usual, love post about him.

As you all know who follow my posts, that i really want to get engaged next year to him and move ahead with our lives and take the next step. 553 more words