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Windows Phone Sucks and here's why

People say its frivolous to complain about technology because it is always changing. That is true. But taken at “x” point in time, we as consumers come to expect a certain standard of what a “smartphone” (or any given tech) consists of. 459 more words


This Blog Post is Mildly Rude

I believe my blog allows me to express myself whenever and however I want to, whether it be with 500 words or merely 20 and 1 picture. 19 more words



Size has become a national problem; what used to be a personal matter is now open for public discussion. I felt it was only right to share my humble opinion. 355 more words

Why WoW is awesome! #2

To continue my previous idolatry rant on World of Warcraft, I will explain how it has affected me and what good things I gleaned from it. 532 more words



Since most of my exams are over, and I have nothing much to do except for math and uh…to watch youtube videos and read the new yorker incessantly (and then annoy my parents by debating about politics with them), I suppose I should just get this off my chest because I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time and I haven’t had a chance to. 2,659 more words

Back and Ready to Rock.

I’ve been neglecting my blog for quite some time – “real life” can really interfere with my social media and internet addiction.

It’s definitely time for me to start expressing myself here once again. 233 more words