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Rant Day! Things That Pissed Me Off, Nov 22-28!

Okay, so last week was horror. This one was slightly better, but still… ehhh….

Item 1: Why? Why must one week be all mellow, not a single thing to do, and the next EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE DONE AT ONCE AND YESTERDAY! 678 more words


Post War

So there I sat at the Thanksgiving table looking around awkwardly as everyone said what they were thankful for. I furrowed my eyebrows as a specific family member looked pointedly at me as… 234 more words

Just Slow Down and See

We live in such a Me-centered world. Everyone is “Going for it”, “Having it all”, and “Creating Success and Prosperity”.

What a bunch of arrogant schmucks we are. 518 more words

New Images

Bitch don't kill my vibe

As I sit and sip my second cup of coffee my clouded mind is trying to clear so I can work on finishing my NaNo novel. 356 more words


When did Black Friday come to the UK?

It’s an American tradition, and to be honest I feel sorry for anyone working in a shop today, on the busiest and apparently most violent day of the year. 350 more words



We should all just stop playing the victim sometimes. We need to be mature, and not blame certain circumstances to other people because that doesn’t solve anything. 145 more words

Being Original..

These days it seems difficult to be who you truly are – if its not fashion, stereotypes or just being yourself in general, we are always being told we aren’t being truly ourselves. 359 more words