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“Mistakes were made…” (courtesy of Kent McGonigal)

When the first person initiated force or theft and was allowed to live…
And when the first person fell for the belief in “

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The religion of love

I haven’t always been the biggest believer in love. Having faith in a soul-mate is as ludicrous as having faith in an all-mighty being that created the entire universe and threw two people out of a haven for eating an apple. 1,060 more words


Wake me up!!!

I need to wake up early as 5a.m tomorrow to go to immigration for passport renewal & I’m so lazy to wake up that early. I need my beauty sleep. But, I have to


21. Single. Live in. Nanny.

Just think about the title… I’m 21 years old and living with my nanny family… Does that sound like to you that I get to go out and date?! 152 more words

Minions of the Mindless kind

People like us, People like me, and maybe, even people like you, always end up getting a raw deal, a good citizen of a developing nation, an honest man amidst all the corruption, a quiet person, a good person, so as to speak…while all those rats and perverts are looting us not only of the taxes we pay, but also with bribes, we, the so called good people slink away, looking for a better place to go to, away from the mediocrity, away from the developing nation. 349 more words


Being gay - extra

You are not born gay. You have the mind to change. You HAVE to change. You’re not normal.

This words, really hits me right through thr heart.

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