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pussy still tight WITH a wedding ring. did i just say that?

So I didn’t have kids at a young age I am no longer needed?

But, who was the person you called scared and knocked up in your early 20’s? 142 more words

The Real Source Con: Packing Pipelines and Smoking Hashtags

My very first job title ever was as a “sourcing analyst,” which had the necessary gravitas at the time to make me not feel bad compared to my B-School buddies who selected, rather than scrounged, for their gigs. 1,074 more words



I went to the pub with someone I regarded a good friend. She had a few too many and obviously got a bit confident in what she was saying. 430 more words


Wishlist // Birthday Wishlist ♥

Hello hello!

So it’s October already! Oh how time flies so damn fast!!! And that means……..my big day is getting nearer!!! YEAY!! End of the year are where my joys at. 260 more words

Bad Days Happen

I have been generally tired for quite a while.  Since near the end of the first semester of this school year, and I couldn’t rest over summer vacation like I wanted to, so it stuck around.   2,470 more words


Friend? Acquaintance? Be real with me...

A couple of days ago, I was scrolling away on my Instagram feed. After the mundane selfies and food porn, I saw something painful. A good number of my high school friends were at a party and I was not invited. 151 more words


rant on boobs and lack thereof

image / sad always

We all have them.  Okay, maybe not if you’re a dude.  But we all know they exist and that they’re very much a defining part of the female anatomy. 549 more words