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I feel the need to rant.

Last Saturday I did my hair, or rather, I got it done. After finding a hairdresser I was willing to try, my mother dragged me to someone else saying “She does hair neat and since her mother died I’d rather her get the money.” 256 more words

The Nomad

Shark Week

No, I’m not talking about the Discovery channel, girls you know what I mean! I woke up this morning and the first word out of my mouth was “F@#K.” That pretty much set the scene for my entire day. 89 more words


Stop, Hammer Chime!

After a few weeks of job hunting, moving my entire life back to Shrewsbury and collecting more gym badges than I should be given my age (there’s a reason I’m single…) , I’m back with another rant. 410 more words

Gym Culture and the Female Condition: and now I remember why I stopped going --

You walk into the gym and they have to scan your membership card. Inevitably, you have to interrupt a conversation to get one of the juiced up trainers to notice you. 393 more words

High School Made Me Hate Reading

Yesterday I took a trip to Barnes & Noble because I was in the mood for a good book that was actually in book format. I have an eReader, but it’s just not the same. 647 more words


ANGRY RANT!!! Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970) HORSESHIT, The Sci-Fi Selection SPOILERS!

Planet of the Apes (1968) was a dark, intelligent, a little bit magical, a little bit scary, but that’s okay because you walk away better for it.   1,016 more words


The Rest Day

So, as many solo practitioners already know, the rest day can apparently be whatever day as long as you show up on six of those seven days. 211 more words