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Ben and the Wonderful World of Technology

Sometimes when I’m feeling nice, I’ll play a bit of Nintendo with my oldest nephews. It makes me think about when I was their age playing games. 838 more words


Historias de Decaimiento Urbano - #LaPoda

No sé que tengo con el Salón Luz, pero siempre que me dicen “Zócalo”, pienso o en el Salón Luz o en el restaurante Español ese en República de Uruguay que servía un clericot re-bueno y donde nunca decían nada a un chamaco de 13 años tomando sorbos de clericot del vaso de sus papás.


uni anxiety post #3078

There’s a Nerdist podcast where Joss Whedon talks about wanting to capture the “boring immediacy of grief” in relation to Buffy’s mom’s death, and I’m both scared of that happening in the future and stuck in that state of mind quite a lot of the time, minus the actual grief. 249 more words


Very Mature of You

You know, I like the Facebook God, but damn many of his followers are so full of hatred for anyone who is spiritual or religious (majority of it is aimed at Christianity b/c many of them don’t seem to be aware that there ARE other religions out there, and it’s not just Christianity who has extremists, fundies, and other unsavory folks who gain the spot light with their negativity). 249 more words

Type. Click. Ring. Repeat.

I feel like my life is the beginning of a poorly thought out musical. No one here is going to break out in song, nor am I going to be swept away into a life that is allows me to do exactly what I want to do 100% of the time. 575 more words

Bitch Fest

50 Shades of Shut Up Already

Before anyone gets upset over the title, I’m not here to bash the series, nor am I here to promote it. For me personally, the books had interesting moments, and then other moments felt like Twilight fanfiction. 828 more words

Failure. Once again.

One thing that immediately struck me right as the judge said “I negate…” was that I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m just as tired as you of seeing another “pity post” of some sad teenage girl trying to “express herself”. 203 more words