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Tumblr is a Drug

I haven’t been on tumblr for quite some time. The first time I had ever went on tumblr was for a school project. Our professor wanted to know what kind of things we liked and what the things would post. 325 more words



Ugh, I went through that phase, too, you know that one–super duper fluffy and hateful, not to mention ignorant, in terms of not fact checking or bothering with performing legit research.   579 more words

Almost forgot it was Easter.

Yet, another day for me to rant about hating holidays. 

I honestly can’t emphasize this enough, but I really, really hate holidays, and my parents won’t listen to me. 145 more words


Apologies for not writing a post last night

So I made a promise to myself that I would blog everyday. Unfortunately I was unable to do that last night and feel that I won’t be able to for the next two weeks as I have a crap load of exams coming up. 92 more words


My Easter Sermon...

My usual rant on this day is that it was one of the many that was stolen in an attempt to acculturate other faiths into Christianity. 652 more words


"We are living in a quantum world" (Madonna revised)

Those were the days we lived in black and white,
When we knew that things were either wrong or right.
Heroes then had feet that did not crumble into clay… 99 more words


Think before you reblog

I have some real haters on WordPress that will attack you for reblogging me. They won’t read anything but the repost of my article and it will turn them off from your website. 14 more words