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Temper and patience.

Those are 2 things I am sorely lacking. I admit that…

I seem to be getting angry with people lately because I am feeling mistreated. I’m being an entitled brat who’s so desperate for attention that he resorts to writing on his silly little blog. 318 more words


RANT: The USPS is out of Post Cards


Yday, I made a trip to the PO to get some post cars.

Have none. Haven’t had any for months. Don’t know when they will get any. 13 more words



What is it with you? I am sick of it all! Who gives the right to judge me when you make no effort to get to know me at all? 440 more words

Hang on... Your memory has been altered!

I suddenly came up with this… How would it be if I just ceased to exist? Like pooof, and no more me in this city, country, world, entire universe. 552 more words

The Q Word

Every novelist knows the “Q word.”

I remember the first time I met the word. I had just put what I thought were the finishing touches on the second rewrite of my first novel. 1,109 more words


Bad Boys: Do they ever actually get the girl?

Love triangles. They seem to crop up everywhere nowadays. As a fictional woman – and it does usually seem to be the ladies this happens to – it seems you can’t so much as chew your pencil or slay a marauding vampire without… 754 more words


It's Been A Slow News Year

A year ago today Britain was blessed by the birth of George. The prince, not any of the other Georges that have been born in the last year, of course they don’t matter. 294 more words