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Maybe I am too opinionated

Man, I swear I lose hope in this world sometimes.

A girl I know posted this on one of the pages that we are on: “There’s this girl that’s been texting my man because she “can’t sleep” yet I’ve been told she does that to guys to get attention…did I mention she’s 19 with four kids…and yet when I text my man during the day after he gets off work he doesn’t answer”. 273 more words


You can shove your honour

When I wanted to play outside

They said honour

When I wanted to speak my mind,

They said honour

When I laughed too hard,

Or sang too loud, 74 more words

I Came Away With Something

The Environment is Positively Charged

WHEN you’ve sat for a hundred miles in the passenger seat of an Austin Maxi 1500 listening to Tony Blackburn on Radio 1 there aren’t many things left to keep you occupied – so you stick your instamatic camera out of the window and take random photographs. 654 more words



I feel bad for Connor. He tries to be a good friend. He tries to help and make me feel better about stuff. He and I haven’t been talking too much lately. 223 more words


Catching up with a ghost

Recently, my friend Alex started e-mailing me and we have been catching up on everything that has been happening in each other’s lives. He is living in Vegas with his girlfriend and his Uncle. 434 more words


Rain on me

It has been raining this morning. Not the typical drizzle for Texas and not the overbearing, uncalled for downpour. It is just raining. I walked out today wearing my white and black speckled shirt with my business skirt and two-inch wedges and scurried to my grandfather’s car in hopes to not get drenched because I am the type of girl who will have an umbrella, but if it is not pouring then I will not use it. 411 more words


I should really be writing… but sleeping or scrolling through pinterest is so much easier.

Blogging becomes incredibly difficult during the summer. Who wants to be inside doing crafts and sewing when you could be outside on the boat or eating ice cream?? 50 more words