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Fragile and Happy

My pay cheque has come in for the month. I’ve been broke for the past three weeks and I finally have money and all I want to do it throw it away like a madman who has been hungry for so long and then given a banquet he eats it all until he’s sick and rips all his clothes off and starts rubbing the food and vomit into his body, laughing hysterically, throwing it into the air like confetti. 412 more words


I feel so unmotivated.

We have yet another long weekend tomorrow. My friends and I agree that, with the amount of shit requirements we’re given to finish for the next week, it doesn’t feel like a weekend at all, let alone a long one. 215 more words


Your statistics don't prove what you say they do

Oftentimes the issue is not that people disagree about what the problem is, but that we disagree about how to solve it. People often act like proving a certain problem exists is equivalent to proving we should respond to it in a particular way, when there are many other possibilities and their choice of solution is very much affected by their own beliefs and biases. 806 more words


You can't put a price on your kid's health....No, wait you can, it's about £400

This comes fresh from the “Well, that’s depressing” files.

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) detailed a study recently conducted in Glasgow where they decided to look into the best ways to get expectant mothers to give up cigarettes. 539 more words


Rant #3: Published Cliché Stories of Wattpad

Hola¡¡¡¡ Welcome to the third episode of the rantings of a crazy gal.

First off, sorry for the super late post. Been busy with school . 489 more words


I Want To Travel

I just want to go everywhere, see everything, taste all the tastes, smell the way the dew sets on the grass in Ireland in comparison to Zimbabwe or Taiwan. 241 more words


Heatstroke thoughts.

Fact: It’s boiling hot. Inside and outside.

Fact: 4 biscuits and a cup of tea is (are?) all I’ve has to eat today.

Fact: I am bored. 269 more words