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Sex Sells: Has it Gone Too Far?

I am not given to being overly sensitive, and though I can be quite reserved in how I choose to conduct myself I am not really of a prudish mind set. 363 more words


Rant #1: Why am I Single?

I have been single for over 6 months – this is for those that may have been misled by my Instagram posts or tweets. I’m not one to share my private life over social media (I write/post whatever I don’t care about the public seeing), and what goes on behind closed doors of any aspect of my life is my business and those in the relationship. 484 more words


Death of Reasoning

This is just one of those little things (admittedly one of many little things) which just annoys me because of its sheer lack of any sort of common sense. 463 more words


Hollywood's attitude towards race and casting is totally wacked

So the trailer for Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings has come out. Like de Mille’s Ten Commandments before it, it racially misrepresents the ancient Egyptian and Hebrew peoples as resembling Northern Europeans instead of the African and Semitic people they actually were. 220 more words


I Like the Guy I Hate

The guy I like (have been liking for two years, to be precise) really grinds my gears.

He is purposefully ignorant. Everything he says is sarcastic. 431 more words


"Be as your fancies teach you..."

Some character in the play Othello said, “Be as your fancies teach you…”, which I think is pretty sound advice.  My fancies have taught me many things.  228 more words


How Much Ego Exists in Selfie Spams?

I keep feeling as if I need to apologize for the selfies.  I know it can be annoying when someone selfie-spams your FB news feed.  I feel great, but I don’t mean to brag about it.

370 more words
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