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The Danger of the "Assumption"

So, this is kind of a rant post. I know I have to accept some of the responsibility, but I’m a little quite annoyed, so I’m putting a warning out there before you read on, that this Book Geek ain’t happy. 550 more words



There are some folks in the office with a very strange hobby. They drive their cars off to an air-conditioned building somewhere, where they ride bicycles that don’t go anywhere, pick up heavy things and put them down in the same place, and engage in who knows what other pointless activities. 371 more words


Sorting Through My Thoughts

I’m not really sure what mood I’m in right now. I’m happy but at the same time…I’m not.

I should be happy I guess, I’ve got good things going on right now. 544 more words


Turn-Only Lanes & Etiquette

When first glancing at the title of this post, many of you may be wondering, “What on earth is this girl talking about?” Don’t worry; I’m not off my rocker … yet. 653 more words


Going Back to Facebook?

Okay. If you are one of those 10 in a billion readers of this blog, you might be aware of my views towards Facebook (not so pretty). 139 more words

Rants And Opinions

Of Futures, Maps and Regrets

We were asked to give an introduction on a class this morning. And usually, I freak out when I need to stand in front of everyone but today, I was especially freaked because we had to tell our life goals as well. 392 more words


A waste of my time

There are times when one has to make the first move to know if the other truly cares for her as much as she does. 1,086 more words