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In the parallel universe.

Today something peculiar happened to me. I saw D at the podium at school like 5 m away. I’ll say this happens only like once in a blue moon. 325 more words


Wedding Planning Dry Spell

198 days…

I only have 198 days until my wedding day… and I am currently in a Wedding Planning Dry Spell.

My feet are as warm as ever, and I can’t wait to become the wife of my awesome future husband.. 369 more words


Earth Day--a Rant.

Earth day.

Let’s see. What did I do to celebrate? Well I walked on it a bit. I breathed in some of its atmosphere.  I drove via a fossil fuel powered car to get and then eat some well seasoned dead animal flesh and some well seasoned plant life that grew in the Earth’s dirt that was cooked using some more fossil fuels which of course COME from the Earth. 342 more words


To Read...Or Not To Read

How do you decide when to add a book to the DNF (Did Not Finish) category? What makes you decide not to continue with a book after starting it or not to finish a series?  153 more words


On Boycotting and Full Fathom Five

As someone who is relatively new to the world of book blogging, there are obviously many things about the publishing industry that I was unaware of and have now been introduced to; the fact that BEA exists (and I will sadly never be able to go), the fact that NetGalley exits and obviously the fact that this wonderful bookish community is available at my fingertips. 1,246 more words


Evolution of Reading Taste

So when I was at my parent’s house this weekend I realized that my reading tastes have changed greatly. When I first started really reading and falling in love with books my go to books were… 456 more words


Decency & Values (Or Rather Lack Thereof)

It was drizzling, and I was walking home when I saw a woman in her 70s very slowly make her way back to the condominium (which I also happen to live in) with feeble steps, tugging along a small trolley. 537 more words