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I Don't Want to Be Your Fake Friend

I really don’t like social media, and for the most part I refuse to take part in it. I know that probably seems ironic, and somewhat hypocritical coming from someone who is typing in a blog, but a blog is slightly different than something like Facebook, or Twitter (and really those are the only ones I can name because I don’t follow social media) where people just feel the need to post updates of every single mundane thing they do in their lives or post every little inane thought which pops into their heads, or collected as many “friends” as they possibly can, or feel the need to try and keep in touch with people who apparently are not worth the effort of  actually keeping in touch with.  553 more words


Moving Back to University

Moving to a new house for my second year of University has been a very mixed experience. There are positives, like the facts that

a) My room is huge… 221 more words


Breeding Even More Irresponsible Drivers

I know I ranted once before about my conflicted feelings about all these new high tech cars which more and more seem to do the thinking for us, and the message I think it is really sending, and what it is doing to us as a culture in general, but there is this new one out now that really bugs me. 218 more words


Anger. So much of it.

It’s not that I’m angry at D. We did message for a bit and he is all fine. Safe and sound arrived London yesterday. And I’m feeling fine about it. 230 more words


Close to the Abyss

Disclaimer: This post is purely fictional and any resemblance to any situation, circumstance, feature or person in reality is purely coincidental. This “short” post is just a work of my imagination… 100 more words


What's Wrong With Dating Your Cat?

I want to start out by saying there is NO bestiality going on.

Honestly there are times I would prefer to spend the evening at home with a good book or movie on the couch with my cat than some of the dating prospects that come around.  121 more words


Impending Culture War

If anyone believes that a culture war in gaming is not coming then they are blind. As we have seen over the past few years the agenda being slowly pushed is to make all games a specific way to be digestible by everyone. 174 more words