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Dear God,make me A...

A bird so that I may gracefully exit
The hazards of man.
A stone so if I’m ever broken my pebbles may change
The face of the land… 159 more words


Drivers - Use Your Indicators!

I am absolutely sick of drivers who refuse to use their indicators.

As a pedestrian/runner, I am a conscientious person. When I run I always allow plenty of room for people sharing a path or pavement. 125 more words


Does "Perfect" exsist?

I have spent a lot of time contemplating on whether or not there is such thing as “perfect”. Movies, books, reality TV and so much more give us this false sense of perfection. 250 more words


Honest Opinions

On ask.fm, a popular question people ask is “can you do an HO (honest opinion) on -person-?”. I prefer not to participate in making those comments about other people.


Well I Must Be Doing Something Right

I have been compared to Satan and Adolf Hitler all in the same day, wow, now I know I must really be doing something right to warrant such a response, but what pray tell, unimaginable, horrible atrocity act did I commit to earn such high praise (yes that is sarcasm). 775 more words



When I closed my eyes
I saw a million sunsets;
Painted so carefully
Beneath my eyelids,
When your fingertips
Would touch them
like a painter’s brush.


Sex Sells: Has it Gone Too Far?

I am not given to being overly sensitive, and though I can be quite reserved in how I choose to conduct myself I am not really of a prudish mind set. 363 more words