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Black men are insulting themselves when they insult black women. Because they are looking into a mirror and we are their reflection. You slander the black woman’s hair, you slander your hair. 16 more words


"You're fat"

How can you be Paleo? You’re kind of big…

Of course I knew that I would eventually get this question asked. It was expected, especially when starting my own personal chef business.

308 more words


I recently rewatched Firefly and Serenity with Delphi who had never seen it.

She makes a good point.

If Whedon was going to kill off two main characters, 18 more words


Rant: Shopping sucks.

For most of my life, I have been a minimalist when it comes to clothing. Largely because I hate shopping.

Okay- that’s a lie. Take me to IKEA or the grocery store and I’m good to go. 742 more words


What Single Men Don't Know

Before you do anything, go read the funny as hell post by Skinny & Single and TheBipolarManiac here.


And now for my retort. Things single men need to know about the woman they will eventually marry. 172 more words


From A Twitter Rant: Our unhealthy connection to our favourite literary characters

Not ten minutes ago I was watching a biography of J.D. Salinger.  The latter part of what I watched talked a lot about whether Salinger was a recluse, and the various people who would take the journey to meet him to ask for answers they thought he had.  660 more words


Cutting Out the Middle Man

We all piled into the van to go get apples this afternoon. It is getting to be apple season again, so we have had some apples kicking around the house off and on for the last few weeks. 444 more words