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Racism is still a thing

So earlier this week I shared a story about a Missouri female football team playing in black face on my personal Facebook page. Mainly, I shared it because the people involved trying to say it was an innocent mistake. 549 more words

Why The Media Confuses Me

I don’t know what to make of situations when I hear allegations of domestic abuse or any other crime committed by a famous person.
See people have become media whores. 169 more words

This Blog Needs A Title

Never Have I Ever

Pictured myself as a “runner.” I was that kid who didn’t run at all in PE class in middle school… Or high school. When forced to “run” the mile on a weekly basis, I would walk. 510 more words

Life Stories

Let Me Bi-gin

You know what makes me puke right now? The word ‘bi.’

Meeting people claming to be bi is a free bus ride to Disappointment Valley. You know that, right? 318 more words


One Of Obama's Problems

Barack Obama has a problem.
But it has nothing to do with how he is as a person.
How smart he is.
(Say what you want the guy has a head on his shoulders) 287 more words

This Blog Needs A Title

Skinny up? ...

Dear Man On The Train Who Just Told Me To “Skinny Up” While Gesturing About Taking The Seat Next To Me,

Take your own advice.

Love, Nina


Things That Are Wrong

1. Jim Gordon’s apartment in Gotham. Goddamnit, he’s a rookie cop. What is he doing living in the DUMBO Clock Tower? I always thought the comics’ portrayal of his simple family life in the suburbs was one of its strengths. 395 more words