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Who gets attacked by flies? Or ants that looked like flies? 

I did. I was horribly attacked by them last night that caused my not being able to blog because they were after the light that came from my Mac. 187 more words

Top 10 Reasons Why I Run

  1. It’s the cheapest, easiest form of exercise I’ve found so far.
  2. I can run anywhere, even when I travel.
  3. I enjoy being able to use these conversation-starters: “When I ran my first marathon…” and “When I was running a…
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Rants & Ruminations

I Realize That Returning on Easter Sunday is a Little Heavy-Handed

Jesus is walking along when he stumbles upon a small group of people. They are stoning a young woman they believe to be a prostitute. In an effort to curb their bloodlust, Jesus jumps in front of her and says, “Whoever is without sin among you, let them cast the first stone!” Suddenly, a rock comes flying from the hand of an old woman at the back of the crowd, and it hits the young woman in the head.

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My roles.

I sometimes wonder on my role as a daughter-in-law.

After some thinking, I realised I’m 1.) a shield, 2.) a son snatcher and 3.) a cow. 282 more words


Reading and Ranting

Do you rant about book you read? Do you have a book rant chum who will know exactly what you mean when you get into fault-finding mode? 338 more words

Just Bloggin'

Just think about yourself

Why do I have to care about others’ opinions about myself? Their opinions always hurt anyway. They will just talk about how unworthy I am and how judgemental they are which they don’t even realise. 181 more words


What college does NOT teach you

Students spend approximately four years and $40,000 to wear this ugly black gown with a cardboard hat to walk across a stage and get a piece of paper. 262 more words