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Self Promotional Nonsense

Considering that the very purpose of this blog is to get my grabby fingers into as many online pies as possible, it only seemed right to kick off with a post about self promotion and its purposes in… well, everything. 444 more words


Call-Ment Me

Good Morning and Good Friday

Now I realize hearing rock music this early in the morning is probably not everyone’s cup of tea/joe/gin/sloe gin/slow joe, or other. 300 more words


Delulu Fans

First things first I will be talking about the sinking ship in South Korea and delulus that are currently pushing my buttons. Also my prayers do go out to the many families that are in extreme grief and agony over this tragic news of the ship. 639 more words

Happiness: Restricted

Okay, so there are a few things that I have learnt about myself and the universe as this arduous job hunt continues.

1. I’m the epitome of impatience. 824 more words

One day you accept everything

I have come to the realization at 3:48 I am not the most liked person in my school. 

It has also come to my realization that because I am different, perhaps educated, and quiet, I can be intimidating. 369 more words

Some Good Friday Thoughts

Dear God,

It’s been a week full of shits and things aren’t working my way. It’s been a series of mood swings that I mostly blame to my raging hormones, well I hope I was right. 639 more words


school sucks.

school sucks. 2 words that describes how 99% of the student population think of school. it’s true isn’t it? you pay to gain knowledge, as well as get tortured by the teachers there, either by flooding you with homework, or putting disciplinary actions for a tiny mistake. 640 more words