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My Mind Is Out To Get Me

Panic is strong today.

I hate having days like this.  Too fogged up with emotion to concentrate; twitchy and edgy all day.

I get separation anxiety at work.  1,121 more words


How Artists do Selfies

Ah, the oft derided “selfie.” Those crazy kids these days and their shallow documenting of their own appearances! No one remembers that the (much longer!) process of immortalizing ones appearance in art is a longstanding, and respected, tradition! 322 more words

Jai Thai

It was a random visit when we found the initial Thai food location we wanted to visit (@Ang Mo Kio Ave 10) with a awfully long queue waiting to be seated. 414 more words


A Case of the Mondays


I think I’ve been doing more ranting than thinking here recently, but that is what happens with finals looming imminently on the horizon. Today, as some of you may have noticed, is Monday. 591 more words

Grad School


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It's Monday And I'm Pissed

I have to ask. Is it really so manifest f’n destiny that Mennonites have to smell like cowshit? On that same note, if you’ve decided to forego technology, why are you riding a city bus? 55 more words



قصة حزينة قصيّرة
بنوتة حلوة صغيّرة
فرحانة لابسة جديد
نازلة تصلي العيد
وراجعة معيّطة
تتمنى لو كات ميتة
وبعين لفوق متسلطة،
شِكيت لرب الورا
ليه الكلاب اتحلٌقوا؟