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Things That Drive Me Crazy

Do you ever have those moments when you can’t believe what you just heard or what you just saw? I have many times. And most of the time I keep my thoughts to myself. 388 more words

30 Things to do for yourself... Day 20

Here is day #20

Start listening to your own inner voice. – If it helps, discuss your ideas with those closest to you, but give yourself enough room to follow your own intuition. 93 more words


Copyright Infringement: A Warning to all Authors

I would like to share a letter sent to me by a fellow independent author, who wishes to remain anonymous, about a website claiming to be promoting independent authors, when in reality it appears that they are offering free downloads of the work of dozens of us. 816 more words

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To all indie writers! Make sure you get your work taken down. There were two listings for Reckoning, and I made sure to get them taken down by using the Report Copyright Infringement button. They've already taken down the first listing, and I'm waiting on the second. Make sure your hard work isn't stolen!

Swimwear Hell

Swimwear, I try to avoid it as much as possible. I am just not a fan and have had hideous experiences with swimwear in recent years.   1,052 more words

Do you love your topic?

One of my biggest challenges over the past couple of years, has been that I don’t really like my topic. I don’t find it all that important. 370 more words


Don't let Pasta Freak you out. Plate it up Right!

I love pasta. Real, authentic, pasta.

People often leave it out of their meals because they’re afraid they will overeat it. Well, that’s a possibility if pasta is wearing the plate. 58 more words


Dog tales: Jesse and his bloody snout

It’s a Monday and Mondays deserve stories that will put a smile on your face. (Hopefully I will succeed) So here goes my story of Jesse and his bloody snout as told by Alex, Jesse’s dad. 468 more words