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Cognitive Dissonance

Ib student life: let us apply our learning.

Firstly, I take IB psychology;  a course deemed useless to a lot of students as Psychology courses don’t usually even ask for the IB level. 381 more words

Cognitive Psychology

It's The Great Summer Pumpkin , Charlie Brown

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that The Easter Bunny would soon be there.

Wait-wait that’s not it. I’m just so confused by the strong-armed seasonal push of retailers that I’m having a… 268 more words

Day 74 - Throwing Tantrums

Mom and dad had a huge fight last night. She was drunk, of course, and he was abusive. During their fight, mom yelled at dad to pick the dog bone up off the floor. 308 more words


Football is NOT Life: Reprise 2014

I  wrote the blog post, Football is NOT Life, in 2010. I was two years out of my bad breakup with football coaching. The obsession with coaching the sport was waning and life, my real, actual life was beginning to seep back into its position of dominance in my psyche. 678 more words


Passing Judgement and Internet Trolls

OK, so I understand that passing judgement is a natural human reaction. I imagine someone who knows a lot about evolution and stuff could shed some light on the subject but as a guess, I’m betting it’s to do with natural selection and survival of the fittest. 1,621 more words


121: watery eyes

Depression is like leaving your eyeball exposed underneath a running faucet. The water stings you with every drop but instead of closing it, you wrench the lid open, no matter how much your body tries to flutter in vain. 937 more words


Fuck It! I'm Starting A Cult!

I’ve finally had it I think.

After years of listening to every moron out there from shitty, failed science fiction writers, to reclusive, Nike-obsessed millionaires ramble on about their visions and prophecies, I’ve finally reached my breaking point. 221 more words