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The Eternal Battle Against Entropy, and My $60 Pillow

For most of my adult life, I lived in very expensive cities on about $30k, which means that I lived in small spaces with several other people, and my furniture was generally of the found or scrounged variety. 1,180 more words


50 Shades of Crap: a Feminist's View

Dear Film Goers and Readers Everywhere,

February 13, 2015 will mark an important moment in American cinema, one which is a deplorable moment for our country and our world.   1,170 more words

Open Letters

The Dawn Wall & Denali

This piece is a reaction to Andrew Szalay‘s post about Lonnie Dupre’s solo winter ascent of Denali on January 11, 2015 at 2:15pm. Read it first. 722 more words


In Need of Reformation

Wake-up calls and drastic measures are sorely needed to move humanity towards the realization that something has to change. Consider the recent events in Paris, the unchecked assassination of an entire newspaper staff and the murder of Jews in a kosher supermarket by three men under the influence of outdated religious laws who had been outraged by the blasphemous publications mocking their revered prophet, Muhammad. 400 more words


A literary exercise in being artfully profane.

The following rant is a literary exercise in profanity. It is an attempt at the artful use of foul language. And, although it was not written with the intent to offend, it is offensive.

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Global Warming? How do you Explain that Snowflake!?

I just can’t get my mind around it. ‘It’ being the climate denier mentality. It is now its own industry. As you can imagine, its funded by very particular people, and obviously they are the people who stand to lose the most if we shift away from fossil fuels. 514 more words

Drinking Your Birth Year? (Rant)

Clue me in, please. Dig deep for a second, and help out a fellow oenophile.

My question for the group: What is with the fascination of drinking one’s birth year? 284 more words

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