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We have P.T today!!

Once every fortnight, I have to go through the most boring, tiring and difficult periods of them all (beating Hindi with a very small margin, might I add): P.T or Physical Training or Play Time. 936 more words


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So, we'll be having Sports Day at our school, which means I'm constantly irritated and tired from marching around a field everyday, and might not write as much as usual. I've never been good at sports; I'm usually that weird girl who sits in the corner and reads. This is a post I wrote a year ago in an abandoned blog...

Murdered by Trust

Trust, the secret magical bond between people. It takes a lifetime to build and a second to crumble. Yet we hold on to it so dearly, just because it is the only thing that brings people together. 272 more words


Am I becoming a blogger?!?

Unexpected Pleasure

I never thought I would get satisfaction from writing down just simple personal stuff for the world to read but that’s what it’s looking like. 228 more words


My Poisoned Week

This past week I missed my Throwback Thursday post, so I am very sorry for that, but in all honesty there was just no way I could write on Thursday. 1,318 more words


The reason I am here

It all started about a month ago.  I was at home with our 3 week old daughter.  Beautiful girl, and words cannot express how crazy I was at the moment.  1,700 more words



I hate and love souvenirs – depending on how the gift personifies me. You see, I find no use in receiving items that I can happily find for myself. 377 more words

Don't Starve (2013)

Now I don’t like craft systems in games unless it is a survival game of some kind, good thing this game is a survival… Don’t Starve is produced by the indie company Klei Entertainment and was supposed to be a prosumer sort of arrangement, whereas the game was played, feedback was given and then it was then updated to meet the player’s needs. 1,445 more words