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[Actor’s voice]

A couple of days after Parliament voted en masse to try and solve a problem by killing people, Theresa May has decided to crack down on extremism… 63 more words


The state of the Labour Party

So the election’s over, New Zealand voted responsibly, and normal service has resumed. The current incarnation of the Labour Party has embarrassed itself, indeed it’s embarrassed the proud history of the Labour Party. 168 more words


Adding a 'group' or 'company' scope to a rails app.

So, yeah, didn’t not thought it through enough.

Initially we thought we would install a separate rails app for each of the customers. You know, good security measure. 197 more words


Don't do this bloggers...

Don’t email me with this stupid shit. Per WordPress policy, if you have a “follow button” ANYONE can push it. Do you really have nothing better to do than to email people that randomly follow you? 98 more words


Fat Lesbians: So What If It Is True?

So apparently there was a study which found that among the lesbians sampled 75% were overweight or obese.

I first heard of this when I saw… 666 more words

Fat Acceptance

Hello world

Hello world.

Echo 1,2 1,2

Echo we are good to go.


Liberals Die When They Want To…

Zeke says, “Time to go!”  I’ve now been educated that liberals die when they want to, or in fact, they need to, in order to make Obamacare less of a disaster.   555 more words