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Small Talk is the Worst

Around the holidays I end up at a lot of parties full of people I don’t know that well. Whether it be my uncle that I haven’t seen in two years or that girl my friend just started dating, there is a lot of mind-numbingly dull small talk surrounding the holidays. 706 more words


The Only Seth Rogan Movie I Want To See

By Marc Gilson

So when I read the story about Sony pulling “The Interview” movie because of North Korea’s alleged hack and threats, I confess that my initial response was, “Well so what. 1,071 more words

Pop Culture

Lesbian Man Crush...Only Fair For A Monday

Umm…Rina. Lesbians don’t have man crushes. Isn’t that kind of the point?

Hookay, let us start with a definition of a lesbian (via Yahoo! lol): 529 more words

How does blocking a handicapped parking space help those selfish people?

I’ve written several times about how annoyed I get when someone illegally parks in a handicapped parking space. It’s rude, inconsiderate, selfish, and inexcusable.

So you can imagine how I feel when I try to park in a handicapped space, only to be blocked not by a car, but by a shopping cart. 397 more words


This is my story...

     My name is Arlenee and I am 22 year old registered nurse. I am a new grad as of 5/2014 so I am just beginning my nursing career. 98 more words


A Need for a Neo-Scholasticism

I am not sure certain babies where thrown out with the bath water sometimes. Now those who know me, are well aware that I tend to be a protestant of the 16th century persuasion, very humanist in thinking, sympathetic to the early churches traditions, and iconoclast. 854 more words


So I Got Older Last Weekend...

Hey hey hey!!!

So may I start off by saying, I apologise for not ranting recently? I’m sorry.

My head space has actually been all over the place lately and, last week, it was just in a whirl that concluded in me actually cleaning my room…trust me, it makes sense in Rina’s world. 940 more words