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Thoroughly unspoken.

This is completely new to me, but hello.

As I’m aware, over the course of human existence, hundreds of thoughts come & go. I’m aware that many are worth sharing, worth keeping secret, and some that just can’t come out. 68 more words



I was under the impression that there were better things than a big internet flame war to expend energy on?

Computer gaming, its culture and the way people traditionally view the people who are “gamers”, has changed remarkably over the years.

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I used to love Halloween

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. Although, to be fair, I don’t think I really have a favorite holiday anymore; I simply dislike some less than others. 910 more words


And Thus Begins the Most Controversial Battle.... Yet Again...

Yesterday, Death has touched upon a school near Seattle, Washington. A freshman, the same age as me, killed one student and injuring at least four others before taking his own life. 204 more words


I am going to disagree with you here

Wow, never have I ever been so happy to make the switch in Daylight Saving Time. After spending a really late night talk with a close friend about stuff (I shall not reveal or divulge what it was about) that needed to be had, I went to my computer to sit down and write, knowing full well that the conversation has cost me a good hour. 1,221 more words



Am I bipolar?

I had a good day today.

Ashley was there tonight.

Daniel wasn’t and I was super happy about that.

Does he like Rachel? 294 more words


Things I think about Part II: The Catholic Edition

OK, Catholics, listen up:

  1. You do not leave before Mass is over. That means the hymn is done. The only possible exception to this rule is if the choir is obliviously singing all 14 verses of 
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