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On doge

I am (still) being awfully upset over the doge meme which exploded in popularity around the start of the year. This one internet fad has ruined the words “so”, “much” and “wow” for me. 29 more words


Under Grad?

As I was about to enter Graduate School building, the guard in charge approached me and asked:

“Anong oras class mo, sino prof mo, anong ID number mo?” 82 more words


Why Geek Chic & New-found Nerd Acceptance Irks Me

Nerds have come a long way. They began as the basement dwelling dungeon masters of the 70′s, became the video game programmers of the 80′s and then hit mainstream awareness as the music pirates of the early 2000′s. 595 more words


An Open Letter to Pringles

Dear Pringles,

Let me start out by congratulating you on the creation of such a glorious chip. But I take personal offense to one crucial aspect of your business model. 219 more words


So I Guess I'm the Wizard - Fifth Edition Style

I mentioned in a previous post that we will be playing our first game of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons soon, and how my preference from among the pre-generated characters was to play either the dwarven cleric or one of the fighters. 297 more words


Books Are Better Than Movies

If there’s one thing you’ll find out pretty quickly about me, it’s that I’m a huge book fanatic. And soon to follow, my love for movies also shows itself (especially for musicals). 644 more words


It's Friday Night!

It’s friday night, are you sighing yet?

Honestly, I am. It’s been a long week, and man oh man am I glad that it’s done! I’ve been working six days straight this week, and tomorrow is my only day off and then back to work on Sunday. 353 more words