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Willy on Claims of Mass Production

Shop around much and you’ll see the claims, especially on eBay. Sellers talking about having made thousands of whips in the space of only a few years. 55 more words

Whip Makers

Just open your eyes and use Linux

Yesterday a neighbor of mine asked to install OS on her new laptop. She clearly stated that she wants exactly Windows 7 on it. Good sign for Microsoft and Windows 8. 403 more words



It’s just too unfair.

My three officemates went out for lunch earlier than me, so I was left alone in the office. Then 15 minutes or more after they came back from lunch break, I then head out for lunch.


The Closure Date

The guy I had a real life crush on is also the guy I haven’t spoken to for 6 months after I told him I liked him. 625 more words


I want to buy in that bookstore...

Seems like this week is witch’s week!

This release will look a bit different of the usual ones, that’s because these raws came from my friend Maaya from Ryuusei no Mafia who bought her own copy for it because I skipped that issue of the gangan (whopps!) & Thanks Maaya!! 9 more words


blah, blah, and some more blah!

I think I have said this before if not then…

I work at a call center, I work weird hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday 7pm-6am, and sleep during the daytime so it’s hard to post sometimes since I am either at work, gym, church or sleeping. 230 more words

Parking in a full lot: an analogy for resource development today

It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re planning for the week ahead. A glance in the fridge leads you to venture to the store to pick up supplies: people need to be fed. 1,002 more words

Practical Stuff