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Sundays: Movement is Optional, Brain Activity Useful

Well, hello! Konnichiwa!

                It has been exactly 10 days since the day I decided to take the initiative in making this blog site of mine come to life. 377 more words


ACS Story

Hey so I thought I’d write how I felt when I didn’t win any giveaway specifically this particular one the “ACS” one.

So I have instagram account, Sam Danist I joined a few giveaways within the last few weeks and all of them have been disasters. 445 more words


TO MY ATHAIR (smh) #irish

I have lost all the hope for humanity in just one day! Here we go, idk what section this should be in because this is a mini rant. 1,046 more words


And The Realtor Issues Contine

Our new realtors have been on the job for 27 days now. And, well I’ll be going in for meeting number 3 tomorrow. Not only will I be meeting with my agent, but I’m not leaving until I meet with the broker. 190 more words

A Little Of This A Little Of That

Breakfast for dinner

I’ll be honest, I was lazy today.

I didn’t feel like bending over washing dishes in the birdbath today. Especially when one of those dishes is a frying pan and a stock pot. 615 more words


When life gives u lemons...

I love that saying but my version goes a little like this..

When life gives u lemons. Take those lemons and throw them at life’s face…

230 more words