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One Year Anniversary of Pat's Thoughts on the Internet

One year since Sophie Wang suggested that I blog. One year since Amerrricuhhh. One year since I seriously got into social activism in LA. One year since I started gaining mad weight because… One year since I met unnamed awesome people at work and in the social justice arena. 59 more words

Ranty Pants


Whenever I peer out of my office window, I yearn for freedom. My physical body is ball and chained to the impalpable force of capitalism that preceded my life on this world. 112 more words

Ranty Pants

I plan on having a fatherless child

Disclaimer: This is totally an irrational post inspired by insecurities and paranoia. I acknowledge the craziness this post reeks of.

At the tender age of twenty-four, I have come to think that marriage might not be for me. 447 more words

Ranty Pants