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One Year Anniversary of Pat's Thoughts on the Internet

One year since Sophie Wang suggested that I blog. One year since Amerrricuhhh. One year since I seriously got into social activism in LA. One year since I started gaining mad weight because… One year since I met unnamed awesome people at work and in the social justice arena. 59 more words

Ranty Pants


Whenever I peer out of my office window, I yearn for freedom. My physical body is ball and chained to the impalpable force of capitalism that preceded my life on this world. 112 more words

Ranty Pants

Brain montage of lovers past

Five hours on a plane to New York… Of course my brain decides to create a lovely montage of cherished moments with my romantic partners in the past year–GoPro style. 72 more words

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I plan on having a fatherless child

Disclaimer: This is totally an irrational post inspired by insecurities and paranoia. I acknowledge the craziness this post reeks of.

At the tender age of twenty-four, I have come to think that marriage might not be for me. 447 more words

Ranty Pants