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A Slap in the Face

*This is from a blog I wrote in 2012, i am reprinting it here today.  I wrote this a month after leaving 12 step rehab— feeling a bit shaken, but not stirred. 471 more words

Drunk Sex


This is so important! So many young people everywhere and even many of my young friends don’t seem to realise that drunk/wasted sex is not consensual and therefore rape. 236 more words

Blog Post

Texas Prosecutor Seeks To Clear Convicted Rapist

DALLAS (AP) – A Dallas man who says he pleaded guilty to a 1990 rape because his attorney advised him to avoid trial may soon be exonerated. 113 more words


Afghani mullah rapes ten-year-old girl; family wants to kill her

There is no explicit statement in the Qur’an (I don’t know about the hadith) urging or sanctioning “honor killings,” but it’s now become a feature of Islamic culture, and has been justified on religious grounds (in Jordan, attempts to strengthen laws against honor killing were opposed and turned back by Muslim leaders for religious reasons). 1,190 more words

Let’s Stop Saying Women. Let’s Say People.

The minute you say “women”, all of a sudden listeners place them in a separate mental pocket.

Close your eyes for a moment. When you imagine people, you see all sorts of humans, right? 569 more words


Teacher arrested for raping six year student.

How did a horrific crime like this go unreported for days? What was the first reaction of the school? Did they attempt to deny any responsibility? 192 more words

Indian Homemaker

Facing Our Fear

I stare at the bottom of my empty Whiskey glass where all that remains is a small piece of ice. As the shroud from the vapor of my e-cigarette slowly disappears, I know you are judging. 300 more words