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New Article: "When California Blames Victims" - East Bay Express

When California Blames Victims – By Sam Levin

Under a proposed state policy, women who face brutal acts of violence can be denied financial aid due to their involvement in sex work.

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Don Lemon and the Rest of Society Don’t Understand How Rape Works - Emily Shire 11.19.14

The CNN anchor asked an alleged victim of Bill Cosby why she didn’t stop him. That victim-blaming mindset is pervasive and ignorant. 701 more words


Bill Cosby

Why are we so surprised at the recent exposure of Mr. Cosby’s proclivity to abuse his power and influence? How many otherwise congenial and fatherly men are we going to be fooled by?  458 more words

Bill Cosby

You will sleep soundly because we don't

“Professor Evans of the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen, actually saw a sin-eater about the year 1825, who was then living near Llanwenog, Cardiganshire. Abhorred by the superstitious villagers as a thing unclean, the sin-eater cut himself off from all social intercourse with his fellow creatures by reason of the life he had chosen; he lived as a rule in a remote place by himself, and those who chanced to meet him avoided him as they would a leper. 743 more words


To Be Continued: Part II

The Happening

    By fall, I had become pregnant. I was barely nineteen years old. My chest was swollen, I felt bloated and full. I knew before, I really knew. 916 more words


What Is Rape?

What is rape?

Rape is, quite simply, a person forcing someone else to have sex with them when the second person does not want to havesex with them. 284 more words


I am Fake Sarah

Hi there.

My name is Fake Sarah. Except I’m not fake, nor Sarah. This is how I’ve been known for the last few months. Apparently, if people learn my name or other identifying information about me they are mandated to report to the police what’s happening to me. 319 more words