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On @RichardDawkins - The Religion of Logic As Used To Erase Victims Experience

Richard Dawkins believes that the severity of individual cases of rape and abuse can be gradated, and he doesn’t like people to point out to him that there are many reasons why he is wrong about that. 501 more words


A Few Interesting Links

I don’t really have time to write up the kind of posts these stories deserve, at least not in a timely manner, but I’d still very much like to share. 275 more words


@Leadership_Jnl, #TakeDownThatPost & What You Need to Do so the Apology Means Something

If you’ve been on twitter and seen the hashtag #TakeDownThatPost (started by Tamara Rice) but don’t know the story behind it, then here is a brief summary about what happened: 1,016 more words


George Will Isn't Alone in Rape Apologism, Progressives

(TW for Rape Apologism, Slut Shaming, mention of rape threats, mockery of such, etc.)

Like most, I haven’t cared about George Will for over twenty years. 1,256 more words