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Rape Culture in the UK: Woman Assaulted While Sleeping

On 24 February 2014, in Beverly (UK), a woman had passed out drunk on a couch.

Her next waking memory was one of 29-year-old Lee Setford having sex with her limp, unresponsive body. 1,358 more words

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Shit That Pissed me Off - 6/20

Sound Design Eliminated From the Tony Awards

I missed this one last week.  Bad form for a theatre person.

The awards were eliminated because, apparently, the people voting had no idea what sound design actually is or how to evaluate it.   1,386 more words



I try not to be too partisan. I mean the ReDUMBlicans can’t be all that much worse than the DUMBocrats ammirght? Besides, everybody knows the way to make everyone think you’re super cool and super smart is to talk about how BOTH parties are clearly equally terrible. 79 more words

10 Things You Shouldn't Say To Survivors Of Sexual Assault

The hardest part about recovering from sexual assault is gathering the courage to reach out for help. I pray to God that some of my female friends never fully understand the trauma of sexual assault, because I never want them to go through that, but you can empathize without having been in the exact position. 1,673 more words

Shit That Pissed Me Off - 6/13

George Will Is Unsurprisingly Tone Deaf When It Comes To Rape

Nobody expected anything less from Mr. Will, right?  When he writes about rape on college campuses, he’s not going to come off as particularly sympathetic to the victims, right? 1,243 more words


7 things that can make 'Rape sometimes right'.

So here is yet another statement highlighting the general ignorance (and misogyny?) that prevails with regards to sexual assaults on women and children.

Rape sometimes right, sometimes wrong: Gaur…

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