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Bet you didn't know "Beauty and the Beast" was actually about rape culture--well, it is!

Yup, rape culture is absolutely everywhere:

Although this example is fairly obvious, the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast is, at its heart, a textbook story of abuse.

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Maenad Corner

Women Against the Feminist Backlash (CN)

A few years ago, after a mental breakdown that had been a long time coming I made the decision that I was no longer a feminist because I felt so utterly let down and victimised by women I’d assumed were feminists (due to the nature of the work we’d done together). 1,806 more words


Undoing the damage caused by "purity culture"

I follow a group called Thank God for Sex on Twitter (it’s not what you think). Recently they posed this question for their followers: “When was the first time you can remember learning about purity culture?” 864 more words

Christian Culture

NO- Part IV- Stud Shaming

EDITOR’S NOTE: Disrupting Dinner Parties is intended as a space where discussion, even disagreement, lead to a fuller understanding of issues. Like all our posts, this article represents the opinion of its author, not of “DDP” as a monolithic entity. 1,974 more words


Not an Onion parody: Feminists plan to stop "rape culture" with...a "rape quilt"!

You can’t make this stuff up:

The Monument Quilt is a crowd-sourced collection of thousands of stories from survivors of rape and abuse. By stitching our stories together, we are creating and demanding public space to heal.

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We're not crazy, just misunderstood

At what point do you sever ties with people who don’t agree with the causes you believe in?

This question has been on my mind lately, in the wake of the… 316 more words

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Privileged people don't need feminism, but the rest of us do

Few things get my bra in a twist than articles like this one where young people – perhaps too young to have a living relative around to explain what life was like for women before they could vote, before they could work outside the home – criticize a movement they know absolutely nothing about. 550 more words

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