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They Are Not Trolls. They Are Men.

Trigger warning for discussion of the various types of abuse perpetrated by those humans known as “trolls” incuding rape and death threats and suicide.

Back in July, during Netroots Nation 2014, … 651 more words


Rape. Crying Wolf.

The Fappening has interested me. Not so much the naked pictures, but the response. So while looking for responses from people, I came across an interesting Twitter rant, posted on Tumblr. 269 more words

Cry Wolf

The Time My “Friend” Sexually Assaulted Me

Trigger warning for discussion of rape and sexual assault.

I met A in the early 1990s at a science fiction convention. I’d seen him around and…damn. 854 more words


From 'sex positive' to 'willingly oppressed': a gradual assimilation

It happens so often it’s sadly predictable: every new Disney kid grows up to be a raunchy pop star.

Well, I say “raunchy.” Others might say “sexually empowered.” 407 more words



 #WhyINeedFeminism – Staci Stutsman (5 September 2014)

Recently, the anti-feminist movement has gained increased visibility thanks to the popularity of the tumblr #WomenAgainstFeminism.  Women have submitted photographs of themselves holding up signs that list all of the reasons that they don’t need feminism. 645 more words


Why Can't Women Go Shirtless?

I’ve stopped counting how many times a man, whether he has the stereotypical “perfect body” or “needs to work out pronto,” has walked around shirtless. Their nipples are exposed, their chest hair–or lack thereof–is glistening in the sunlight, and people galore simply go about their daily routines like nothing’s wrong, because nothing… 529 more words