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F-Bombs Part 2: Ladies and Gentlemen (And Everyone In Between)

I’ve mentioned before that words are strong and we need to be conscious of their meanings. In the first part of this series, I said that f*ggot is a word that gets treated much more lightly than it should be. 4,676 more words


Were You There When They Crucified My Girl

A spin on an old spiritual. Often in holy week we focus on the history of the story. I wanted to contextualize and feminize the modern idea of crucifixion. 55 more words

Divine Feminine

John Hambling's Penis Gets Sexually Abused by Consent

Here’s another one of those AVFM pieces that is mindboggling in its stupidity. I’ll take the reader through this step by step. John Hambling wants to talk about his penis. 1,852 more words


Why I Walked

Note: This is not a post about running, but about walking. Specifically me walking in the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center’s 2014 Walk for Change…

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Little Red

“Little Red”

A Poem by Elizabeth Leigh Ruddy


Rape STILL isn't funny

I will open this story with a painful confession: I don’t know if I was raped or not. I was fifteen, at a party, with people who I trusted. 408 more words

Rape Culture