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How to make your community a safe(r) space - part 3

Someone once responded to something I’d written about consent with a very vitriolic post which adamantly stated that addressing consent violations was not triage.

I couldn’t disagree more. 721 more words


Islamic penises get erected seeing mannequins » No Country for Women


You know, I want to laugh when I see such absurdity, but the sad truth is that this insane, idiotic, backwards and completely juvenile mindset rules the lives of so many women in so much of the world. 328 more words

Human Rights

How to make your community a safe(r) space- Part 1

This is the first post in a series which I originally posted elsewhere. So far, there are five parts, with at least another three, and possibly many more, in the works. 914 more words


I'm So Pretty When I Smile

I remember when being ‘pretty’ was far more important to me than being good, kind, or compassionate. Fitting into a size 6 was the ultimate and (for the most part) unattainable goal. 1,077 more words


Pornstar Stoya's interview Touches on Serious Topics

Not too long ago, Stoya, an American pornstar, writer and actress did an interview with Huffington post, where she was asked a very touchy question.