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What I wish Miley Cyrus had said

I may be a little late on the pro-Miley/anti-Miley dilemma, but I wanted to see how it was gonna play out (and wind down).

From the few interviews and articles I’ve read about her and her career I feel that many journalists who inteviewed her just assumed that she was an adult who had grown-up opinions and therefore they thought they could agree with or challenge them accordingly. 857 more words

We Failed Domestic Violence Victims- Preemptive Strategies and Losing (or Finding) Jian Ghomeshi

(***TRIGGER WARNING***: Several links here and throughout this post refer to descriptions of violence that may be triggering for survivors.  My previous entry, prior to the revelations of additional claims and… 1,714 more words

Student Journalism

Open Letter: New Zealand's Rape Culture

Here is Jesse Hume’s open letter to Amy Adams, regarding the latest developments in the roast buster’s case – police are bringing no charges -and about New Zealand’s rape culture in general. 27 more words


Catcalling: Tearing Down the Wall

I’m going to take a break from the usual talk about movies, TV, and comics, to start discussing another all-encompassing nerd topic: dating and romance.  Or specifically, dysfunctional dating and how it has hurt our society. 3,818 more words

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Chelsea Poe's Law

Chelsea Poe’s Law: a TW who tells a lesbian that she’s a bigot for rejecting dick is indistinguishable from a man http://tmblr.co/ZH-Mom1UPOd0H 

Chelsea Poe's Law

Alternatives to rape culture begin with feminism

Most of us are tired of hearing about Jian Ghomeshi. I am. This is not about him, though it’s partly inspired by responses to what I wrote… 1,088 more words


october 30th, free flow meditation...crapping out the mouth leads to grace...

here i am…here i am…here i am…another of my most reoccurring dream i had last night, where i am shitting out of my mouth, and can’t stop.   1,713 more words