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This parody video DESTROYS FCKH8's little girls dropping "F-Bombs for Feminism"

When the group FCKH8 released a video¬†this week of little girls dressed as princesses saying “f*ck” in support of feminist causes like income inequality and opposing “rape culture,” Washington-based commentator and… 36 more words

Getting It Right

Sexual Assault

In the state of West Virginia that’s what happened to me.

For me the word assault is not strong enough.

Yesterday I innocently enough opened my time hop and event though the incident is still a few days away for 2012 Kate, I was driven to tears and anger. 1,428 more words

How do we teach consent to our children?

Parents, along with anyone else who has had to take care of another being, know that care work is a combination of what you’d like to do and what you’re capable of. 1,058 more words

Thoughts And Ideas

Consent and Sex Work

Ok, this blog is a response to this article. *TW: this article contains graphic descriptions of sexual and domestic abuse, as well as sex worker shaming. 1,885 more words

Dear Michael Portillo: A Challenge to Rape Myths Is Not A Challenge to Free Speech

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”¬† George Orwell

Freedom of speech – that is, the right to express an opinion without restraint, or fear of being censored – is something which people value.

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Hell to pay by Lauren Ebanks

Little boys like little girls,
they like to maim them
and set their hair on fire.

Twisted boys like sick girls.
They like to bleach their skin… 93 more words


Roastbusters, one year on (almost)

Content warning: contains discussion of rape and sexual assault

You can literally get away with rape in this country. You can be a serial rapist, with photographic and video evidence you willingly post on social media. 694 more words

Social Justice