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'Wandering hands Biden' joins #ItsOnUs bandwagon because 'No means no'

He is sort of cartoonish, now that you mention it.

"No means no — in the classroom, in a car, on the campus, in a bedroom.

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US Politics

No, Third-Wave Feminism and Hookup Culture Aren't Responsible for Rape on Campus

The cover story for this week’s New York magazine is a lengthy profile of Emma Sulkowicz and the burgeoning college anti-rape movement, written by Vanessa Grigoriadis. 1,618 more words


And in the What the Unholy Fuck Category:

I don’t even, ok?  I have already been disgusted enough with fucking Huntsville, Alabama for telling an online friend of mine he wasn’t good enough to give a public prayer (due to being pagan), but this is some special (literal ‘short bus’) 105 more words

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Rush Limbaugh Misses the Good Old Days When We Just Called Rape “Seduction”

Not just a hit piece on Rush – there’s some really great commentary on how consent culture is the opposite of rape culture.

Rush Limbaugh is clearly hostile to the idea of consent, as are many other men.

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For those who call me "different."

Today I was told that I am different from “them” (I refuse to name who “they” are; it’s not vital information), and I asked why. 777 more words


@BoxerGifts and The Ongoing Saga: The Complaint Letter

So if you have been following the saga of the comments which appeared on my blog post, a bit of an update. Thanks to the assistance of the lovely Kate, my suspicions that the commenter was an employee of Boxer Gifts were pretty well confirmed. 1,166 more words



I may incite the rage of many a blogger here, in this day of sexual harassment, objectification of women and rape culture. But I’m going to say it. 1,276 more words