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Brain Damaging Thoughts of the Day: Femnazi and Rape Culture

Femnazi , Rape Culture and other brain damaging things

So let me start off with saying that I am behind the we are all equal stuff for everyone, dont care about your gender, skin color or sexuality , for me you are a good person until you prove me wrong, which you can do by being mean or disrespectful. 1,213 more words


Quick points on the 'degrees of rapes' argument and why it matters

1. “But some rapes are worse than others! It’s a fact! They’re not all the same!”

“Rape is rape” does not mean every single rape in the world is identical. 1,342 more words

"Take Back Our Daughters"? Where Have They Gone?

Today I watched a discussion on TV about a very controversial topic: little girls dressing like adults. First of all, let me just go ahead and get my own opinion out of the way. 1,165 more words


When Does a Woman Owe You Sex? Check This Chart

The many falsehoods propagated at every turn have driven us to put together a helpful chart that may help clear up any uncertainties regarding when women owe it to anyone to have sex: …

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