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Fifty Shades of Rage

(…some of which actually have to do with the fact that I had to rewrite this post from scratch because Chrome crashed and WordPress saved… my title.) 3,301 more words

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Feminism, Rape Culture, Beyonce: A Conversation

Beyonce channels Rosie the Riveter and thoughts of feminism in her Instagram feed a week ago

I welcome you into a conversation I had a few months ago with a friend about Beyonce, our debate about her feminism and the (often-subtle) omnipresence of rape culture, even among self-proclaimed feminists.

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No, Not YOU.

Dear Man,

I understand that hearing about the #YesAllWomen thing isn’t easy. I understand that hearing things about how the vast majority of violence is perpetrated by those humans of the male persuasion, and how people who are not men are sometimes wary of… 2,319 more words


How to make your community a safe(r) space - part 4

So, we’re still in triage mode. We’ve made the rules clear. Now, we need to take a really close look around. It’s time for some tangible maintenance. 1,607 more words


OKBye Story #3: 10 Things I Did Not Particularly Like About Him

So this guy. Let’s call him Steven #2, because he did, in fact, have the same name as Steven #1, who starred in one of my previous OKBye stories, but obviously a name change is required so I’m not a complete asshole as I recount the anticlimactic tale of our not-really-an-affair-like-at-all-and-you’ll-find-out-what-I-mean-soon-enough, through a numbered list of reasons why this guy lasted one date with me: 2,465 more words