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Rage Post: Why I generally hate humans, Part 1 - Rape Culture

I was going to write about a completely different subject.  It’s the eve of Thanksgiving and I was going to write about happiness and how to promote and avoid becoming complacent, etc etc.   1,546 more words


While Rolling Stone’s account of a female student’s alleged gang rape has dominated headlines nationwide, the University of Virginia is by no means the first to face a sexual assault scandal. 827 more words


"As if women were all fine ladies, instead of rational creatures."

The amount of intelligent women I know who basically don’t understand the meaning of feminism is frightening. There seems to be an idea that you are “cooler” if you are seen to not care about the issue. 306 more words


My (Mis)Adventures in Dating: Believe Women Edition

Jian Ghomeshi. Bill Cosby. #BeenRapedNeverReported. If you’ve been following the news or social media at all recently, you’ve likely read something on North America’s latest celebrity sexual assaults. 455 more words

Teenage Years

Own Up, Please.

A group of UVA-alum rapists currently roam free, without even the slightest hint of shame or remorse, because our victim blaming, face-saving culture chose to reinforce their beliefs that their privileges rendered them invincible. 560 more words

Take Back the Party: End Rape Now

This week the cover of C-ville Weekly is of the faculty-led action in response to the Rolling Stone article detailing the rape culture present on UVa’s campus and the administration’s negligence in handling these cases. 237 more words


Write About Love!

I’ve been struggling recently with an aspect of novel-writing that I never thought I’d have to consider, which is the difficulty of writing male-female relationships with anything approaching clarity or intelligence. 1,603 more words