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A few good men

  • When I was looking for apartments, I found an otherwise perfect one – except it was on the first floor. My then-boyfriend said he would have considered that a convenience, not a safety issue.
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People I Love

Defining Rape, I don't think that word means what you think it means.

This a post about semantics, and how much language matters.

It’s also a post about rape.

Because, when I teach workshops about consent, when I write articles about consent, when I have conversations about consent and about rape and about what rape REALLY, ACTUALLY is, when I say “Only ‘Yes!’ means yes.”, one of the first responses I tend to get is, “Yeah, but…” As if there are exceptions, as if there is wiggle room, as if maybe if we just ask one more time what the victim was wearing, or how much the VICTIM had to drink, or whether the victim physically fought back, or whether they woke up long enough to actually say no… It somehow won’t be rape. 1,943 more words


The Best Words of Wisdom/Advice to Give Your Daughter if You'd Like Her to Live in Fear of the Outside World

***** Please note that NONE of this advice was EVER given to me by my mother*****

Walk fast.

Don’t walk alone.

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