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If Only She'd Had a Gun

On Tuesday,¬†I wrote about a friend who was beaten and stabbed by her ex last weekend. It’s been suggested to me from several sources that if she’d had a gun, her¬†beating could have been wholly avoided. 1,310 more words

On Beating Women

I learned late last night that a friend of mine was beaten by her ex this last Friday. She was beaten so severely she has 20 broken bones, lacerations and penetration wounds, and a ruptured liver. 1,102 more words

Isla Vista

Chaos vs Stasis

In life, there is a balance of chaos and stasis. If one side starts to overpower the other, the system becomes out of sync and bad things happen. 839 more words

Self Defense

Challenging the Roots of Violence

Just a quickie before I dash out the door -

I’m on my way to an interview that has me thinking about violence – a lot. 1,518 more words